Djembe and percussion lessons Group activity


Let us know your request, and a musical event of cohesion will be organised for you and your teams!

At home, on the beach, on your premises or in the place of your choice, discover music from a new angle!

Surprise yourself, encourage creativity, live together a friendly and playful musical moment, learn, discover, be amazed...

This is all this and many other emotions that you will discover through this Djembe discovery workshop.

You will be taught how to play this African percussion instrument, which consists of a wooden barrel in the shape of a chalice on which a goat or antelope skin is mounted and stretched by means of a tension system.

You will be able to discover the sounds of this instrument as well as the different African percussions.

A real initiatory and educational workshop with Fodé, who after many trips to West Africa, has returned with an incredible knowledge and skill.

You will be able to combine this practical workshop with other "discovery" workshops such as Maloya (discovery of the different instruments).

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