Escape Game - The Buzzard and/or Virus Z-55 Group activity


All together to solve a series of enigmas!

Develop your team spirit: The escape game is an activity that requires teamwork. The exchange of information, cooperation and communication are essential to the success of your mission.

You decide on the composition of your team. You will only be with each other during this game.


- THE BUSE: Find the lost treasure!

Search: 2.5/5 - Manipulation: 3/5 - Reflection: 5/5

Dive into the intriguing world of the famous buccaneer The Buzzard and try to solve the mystery...

You think that his treasure would be easily accessible after decoding his cryptogram?

But you didn't count on the ingenuity of this famous pirate to hide his loot! You have the time of an hourglass to find his legendary loot and get out of this mysterious depository, which you did not expect...

You will be immersed in a themed and hyper-realistic game space. Carefully and passionately crafted scenery.

- VIRUS Z-55 : Get the antidote and stop the epidemic !

Search: 4/5 / Manipulation: 3/5 / Reflection: 4/5

What if reality catches up with fiction? Will you be able to keep your cool to carry out your mission...

A terrible epidemic has struck the island.

You are part of a group of survivors. The original site of the contamination has been identified: the laboratory of a large pharmaceutical industry, where researchers have been carrying out illegal experiments.

According to our sources, a vaccine exists in the same place.

However, the building's self-destruction procedure has just been set in motion.

You have 60 minutes to recover the antidote and stop the pandemic!

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Autre Escape Game possible : VIRUS Z-55

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