From fists to words - Team Building Boxing Group activity


Participate in a boxing session, a press conference and a buffet lunch/dinner in Paris.

Surprise your employees and help them overcome mental reservations.


Boxing is popular in companies for both its physical and mental benefits, with a focus on leisure rather than combat.

Boxing is suitable for all profiles: those who have an intense work rhythm or those who often find themselves in a prolonged sitting position.

Boxing sessions organised in companies have a positive impact on the health of employees.

Indeed, boxing allows to exercise a physical and convivial activity which contributes to a better physical shape as well as to a better mental balance.


The team building allows all employees to have an initiation session with a boxing champion, in a private Parisian location.

Then they put on the gloves with him.

A buffet is then organised by us to provide feedback, followed by a conference led by a sports journalist to find out more about the champion, and to deal with themes applicable to boxing in the company.

The "Fists to Speech" team building allows you to learn boxing in and out of the ring, for a total duration of 3 hours.

Like any sport, the team building begins with a warm-up to avoid injury and to prepare the body and mind for a moderate effort.

The warm-up and the session will be supervised by a state-qualified champion.

Your employees will then work on technique, assaults to develop and master combinations, muscular strengthening, and then to challenge themselves.

Finally, they will have the opportunity to challenge themselves by sharing the ring with the boxer.

A return to calm will be done at the end of the session to allow everyone to relax.

THE SESSION - 90 minutes

The objective of the session is to allow your employees to find their senses. They will learn the fundamentals of boxing in the form of workshops, before challenging themselves by facing the champion in a face-to-face match adapted to their level in the ring.

THE BUFFET - 45 minutes

After a relaxing break, we will invite your employees to come and exchange ideas around a buffet.

This is an opportunity to share experiences with the champion and each other.

THE CONFERENCE - 30 minutes

In order to learn more about the champion, we will close this team building with a half-hour conference.

Cross-cutting themes will then be discussed: the benefits of boxing for the mind and body, the keys to succeed in surpassing oneself or boxing as a means of corporate cohesion.

Why organise a "sports team building" in a company?

83% of working people would like to be able to practise a sport in their workplace according to a Harmonie Mutuelle study in 2021.

77% of working people feel the need for moments of cohesion with their colleagues according to a Harmonie Mutuelle study in 2021.

Contribute to physical maintenance and well-being.

Develop concentration, self-confidence and the ability to manage emotions.

Share a convivial moment with colleagues.

Relieve stress and tension to achieve a feeling of physical and mental relaxation.

A change from the classic and familiar Team Buildings.

From 8 people.

Partner clubs:

- GLOVES ACADEMY - Levallois-Perret

A true centre of boxing expertise dedicated to health and sports performance, in Levallois-Perret, the Gloves Academy seduces thanks to its intimate character and its authentic setting of 150m².


With a true visual identity based on urban design and a vintage atmosphere reminiscent of New York gyms, VPunch Gym is unlike any other boxing gym.

An elegant 250m² space dedicated to sport, healthy food and physical and mental well-being.


A unique place for sharing and exchange, Villa M is a huge glass house dedicated to the health of tomorrow in the heart of Paris, designed by Groupe Pasteur Mutualité.

The Boxing & Fitness Club, covering more than 250m², is a place where people train, maintain themselves and aim to go further.

A quest for excellence and to surpass oneself.

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62 Boulevard de Clichy 75018 Paris

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Team Building autour de la boxe. Découvrez ce sport via une initiation, une immersion dans une conf' de presse pour travailler sur l'expression, et un buffet pour débriefer. 

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