Fun Investigation evening in Caen and its region (Calvados - Normandy) Group activity


The principle is simple: you must solve a crime as a team!

To do this, you have to pass tests in order to obtain clues, with the aim of solving a police investigation.

These tests are fun and participative: answer quizzes, decipher codes, create a song...

At the end of the investigation, we listen to all your theories, and we will see together which team has the soul of a Sherlock Holmes or a Miss Marple!

The animation lasts 2 hours and can be done from 15 people, with no maximum limit...

Can take place at your seminar, restaurant or in your premises!

An aperitif or a snack can also be included in the activity, allowing participants to fully enjoy this moment of cohesion and common investigation. You can also choose to have costumed actors to question, like real detectives!

At the location of your choice: Caen, Calvados, Normandy


1066: Embark among the followers of William the Bastard to conquer those rascals of the English, a 100% Norman investigation!

PUZZLE MACABRE: London, 1892, on the banks of the Thames. A dismembered body is found in the early morning. Jack the Ripper / Conan Doyle atmosphere

NATURALISTS: You are a team of scientists on an expedition and your leader is found dead! Jungle / Tarzan atmosphere, humid climate and hostile nature.

THE LIVING DEAD: A contemporary investigation in which a young woman with no history dies in troubled circumstances.

The investigation can be adapted to the place of investigation!

MONDAIN THEFT: A necklace was stolen during a social event, a sharp investigation, in a non-murderous register.

ESPIONNAGE IN THE 30'S: Industrial secrets threaten to be revealed! A delightfully offbeat OSS 117 atmosphere

MARTINEZ INVESTIGATION: A murder in the universe of the film City of Fear, for aficionados only! O, D, I, L ...

HALLOWEEN'S GRIMARY: Fairy tale villains have escaped from a grimoire... For a family audience, an enchanting atmosphere, but still disturbing!

MURDER AT THE BEAUTIFUL TIME: The body of a beautiful heiress was found on the beach this morning. Gatsby atmosphere, seaside, 30's and Charleston.

VIKINGS: The head of the clan has just been murdered! An investigation in the time of our ancestors, for the tough ones.

SUSPECTED DEATH IN THE AURORS: An investigation in the Harry Potter universe at the Ministry of Magic, for fans in need of spells and the Ministry of Magic.

Here are some of the tests available:

- deciphering a code

- solving a riddle

- guessing phrases by mime

- writing a song

- create an artistic canvas

- tag archery

- answer thematic quizzes

- play games of skill

- recognise smells/juices...

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