Team Building Hunger Games - Enter the arena Group activity


Team Building Hunger Games / Laser Combat in Paris and Lille.

With your colleagues, enter the arena and battle it out at the location of your choice, whether outdoors or in the dark in your offices: anything is possible thanks to the high-tech equipment on offer.

Team Building that brings together several techniques and shooting games and is reminiscent of the cult film Hunger Games


What could be better than transforming your office into a gaming arena?

Immerse yourself in an immersive experience by jumping into the arena. Bring your colleagues a dose of adrenalin for your next events.

Under the guidance of our professional game masters, you'll be equipped with all the 100% secure equipment made in France. The equipment you need to track down your opponents. But also to set up ingenious traps to disarm them, or strategic alliances to ensure your survival. Anything goes in this fight for victory.

The most cunning and determined can hope to reach the top. Every low blow, every broken alliance can change the course of the game.

Whether alone or as part of a team, get ready to face your fears, challenge your limits and fight for survival.

May the odds be ever in your favour!

In practical terms, it's very similar to a laser game, which can be played indoors or outdoors using infrared technology.

The equipment consists of guns and targets.

For example, in the Hunger Games mode, the participants each have a target on their person and have to find a hidden gun as quickly as possible in order to hit their opponents (just like in the film).

In Zombies mode, we have survivors with guns and Zombies with targets. It's a bit like Laser Game, but with an extra role-play to spice things up a bit.

2 game modes:

- Hunger Games every man for himself

- Team Hunger Games: two or three teams compete against each other, but there can be intruders who infiltrate the game to cause mayhem.

Capacity and organisation :

Our professional entertainers come to your premises to provide turnkey entertainment.

maximum 40 players at the same time.


Industry: our equipment is designed and manufactured in France in Villeneuve-d'Ascq (Hauts-de-France).

ecology: our equipment is designed to be more economical to repair than to change.

Health: 100% eye safety, professional instructors to supervise.

Possible locations:

Play anywhere (indoors or outdoors, in the dark or in direct sunlight, offices/factories/parks/etc.).

Imagine a frenzied game in the dark, in your offices transformed into an arena? Yes, it's possible!

Lille and the Hauts-de-France region. Paris and the Île-de-France region.

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