Initiation to Graffiti: Participatory Fresco OR Battle Graff Group activity


Over the past few years, graffiti has been democratised and has become a trendy artistic practice. Over time, street art has finally moved out of the streets and into much more institutional settings. Offering multiple possibilities of formats and interpretations, spray painting is now more and more popular in professional environments.

2 Team Buildings to choose from:

Introduction to Graffiti: PARTICIPATIVE FRESQUE

Graffiti is also a great way to strengthen the cohesion of your teams. We offer different forms of participative frescoes to bring your employees together around a common artistic creation. Because of its original and trendy aspect, street art always attracts employees. Whatever their profile, they will always be willing to play the game and be seduced by this creative and fun activity.

Supervised by our professional graffiti artists, your teams will be able to participate in the creation of a common fresco. It is an entertaining artistic activity that increases the creativity of your teams. Our advice and interventions facilitate the expression of each person and reinforce mutual support within the group. Finally, the creation of a collective work of art allows everyone to keep a palpable and unforgettable memory of this extraordinary moment of conviviality.

Duration: Between 1 hour and a whole day depending on the number of people and the choice of fresco.

Team Building BATTLE GRAFFITI: The participants divided into teams and coached by our speakers, compete in a graffiti battle without mercy!

Ideal for strengthening creativity and cohesion between your employees.

Several options are possible: Reveal surprise logo - Fresco puzzle - etc...

Duration: From 1H to 4H depending on the number of people and your choice of realisation

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