Kokedama Métissé - Japanese floral workshop Group activity


A Japanese-style floral art workshop, where you can design your own plant and take it home with you!

Ideal for getting everyone involved in your next Team Building (or private event. Also available for children aged 8 and over!)

Réunion rhymes with a mix of cultures.

The Creole hut rhymes with flowers.

The combination of the two gives rise to a workshop to discover the traditional Japanese art of "Kokedama".

With the following customisation: offer this workshop based on endemic plants or well-known flowers that used to decorate our dan tan lontan huts.

Course of the workshop

History of the kokedama

Presentation of materials and choice of plant

Making the kokedama

Care instructions

Duration: 1h15-1h30

Capacity: 10 people per workshop.

The service includes :

- plants

- soil, sphagnum moss

- tools

So, are you ready to test your company's green thumbs? Or your family? Book your workshop now!

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