Mobile Escape Game - Harry Potter theme Group activity


Experience a Harry Potter-themed Escape Game right on your premises.

Or at the venue of your choice.

If you want to bring together several activities in the same area, for a large number of people, then opt for our UNIGAMES, which include this Escape Game as well as more sporting and fun games such as bubble football, Archery or the giant Twister. Click here for a description of this package!

Harry Potter scenario

The whole wizarding school is in an uproar! The long-awaited Quidditch match is about to begin, but the Golden Snitch has mysteriously disappeared!

The event cannot be cancelled! It's up to you and your team of wizards to solve the mystery and find the precious snapper before the match starts!

Immerse yourself in an epic adventure. Every spell you cast and every clue you uncover will bring you closer to victory, all in the spellbinding atmosphere of the most famous wizard of all generations!

Ready to plunge into this magical world with our Escape in search of the Golden Snitch?

Adjustable difficulty level for a tailor-made experience.

A mobile game that can be played wherever you like.

Can be hosted by a Game Master.

Adaptable scenario length: 20/40/60 min

Capacity: 3 to 7 players per trunk

We recommend a maximum of 8 people so that everyone can experience the immersion of the puzzles. We have several trunks for each of the themes we offer, so we can easily have several groups at the same time, each working on their own trunk. A trunk is made up of objects and riddles, as well as chests or padlocks with codes.

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