Bubble Foot - Archery - Escape Game - Multi-activity tournament Group activity


A multi-activity Team Building event combining sports, brain-building and fun activities. From the giant Escape Game to the Bubble Football tournament and Archery, simply have fun while discovering a range of different activities! There's something for everyone!

And as a bonus, there's a club house for your seminars and a catering area for your meals.

Ideal for a fun day out, tem building or a day of seminars and incentives in Bordeaux and the surrounding area.

Surprise your colleagues with a totally eclectic range of activities.

For your corporate team-building, we'll suggest you choose 2 or 3 of the following to compete in:

- Bubble Foot - 3 vs 3

Players dressed in a bubble with only their legs sticking out compete by pushing their opponents: this is bubble football. It's sure to be a thrill, and a real pleasure to eject your friends and family without getting hurt! You can also look forward to a wide variety of games for everyone to enjoy. A multitude of game phases.

- Archery Games

Get ready to step back in time to the days of Robin Hood. Armed with your bow and arrows, you take on the opposing team with a single aim: to shoot at moving targets - his friends!

2 teams, 2 camps, 1 central neutral zone. Camps equipped with protective bunkers.

Various strategic game modes: point system matches, conquer the flag, arrows to the prisoners, Battle Royale.

2 bow formats available, so you can get to grips with the game quickly. Arrows with foam tips to cushion contact and ensure the safety of all players.

- Escape "The Golden Snitch" (Harry Potter) - 20, 40 or 60 minutes

The whole wizarding school is in an uproar! The long-awaited Quidditch match is about to begin, but the Golden Snitch has mysteriously disappeared!

The event cannot be cancelled! It's up to you and your team of wizards to solve the mystery and find the precious snapper before the match starts!

Immerse yourself in an epic adventure. Every spell you cast and every clue you uncover will bring you closer to victory, all in the spellbinding atmosphere of the most famous wizard of all generations!

- Escape Secret Agent

The Professor's fearsome gang is planning a new coup in Spain! The local police are overwhelmed, and it's up to you and your team to intervene as secret agents. But beware, a traitor may be hiding among the police... Your mission? Discover the identity of the spy and foil the professor's escape plans before it's too late! A mysterious briefcase found at the scene of the latest attack could well contain the clues crucial to solving the case.

Immerse yourself in an adventure full of twists and turns and mysteries. Every clue you uncover and every suspect you interview brings you closer to the truth, in a breathless race against time.

Other games available on request: (these are more like games that run throughout the day)

Giant Twister

Sumo wrestling

Foot darts

Tournament management :

- Results and rankings displayed live on screen

- Trophies awarded to the winners

A whole new concept of original, fun activities. New and exciting sensations.

100% mobile, indoor and outdoor, multi-surface, all over France

Venue: Urban Soccer Pessac. OR Mérignac (21 rue Archimède).

We can also travel to the venue of your choice. If you have a large outdoor space.

Come and have fun, with friends, family or work colleagues. Young and old, men and women, sporty or not, there's something for everyone!


Cocktail lunch: "3rd half" buffet

Assortment of salads without meat / Assortment of cold meats and white meat in chiffonade / Smoked salmon

Cheese platter / Dessert platter

+ Drinks pack: 1 draught beer /pers / Several choices of soft drinks / Wines - 1 bottle for 4 pers / Still & sparkling water / Coffee

Use ofa space in the club house: Set-up in meeting mode - Screen or overhead projector available

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