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Discover our Team Building activities in Bordeaux

Invite your colleagues to share a moment of complicity during a Team Building event in Bordeaux. There's nothing like it to strengthen the bonds between the members of your team and stimulate group intelligence! Discover our ideas for unusual and fun activities to create happy memories together.

Wine treasure hunt: a Team Building activity in Bordeaux to discover the secrets of wine

With a roadbook in one hand and a glass in the other, set off to discover the city centre of Bordeaux through a series of challenges, laughs and tastings. The aim of this Team Building activity in Bordeaux? To win tokens to use in the big auction organised to win the prize at stake. From riddle to riddle, each team progresses in this life-size treasure hunt that invites participants to discover famous wine merchants.

Workshop and/or Street-Art walk in Bordeaux

For half a day or a whole day, this Team Building activity in Bordeaux is totally customisable. A discovery walk (or treasure hunt!) invites you to explore Street Art in its original context. If you choose a full day, you can admire Bordeaux's famous M.U.R. while sampling local gastronomic specialities during the lunch break. And to round off this unique day, you'll spend the afternoon trying your hand at the art of digital urban creation in a Graffiti Simulator challenge.

Team treasure hunt in Bordeaux

The city of Bordeaux is full of mysteries. it's up to you to unravel them by taking part in this treasure hunt, which combines the codes of an escape game, an urban rally, a treasure hunt, a photo challenge and a sightseeing tour! The Game Master briefs the participants and gives them a game kit to explore the city. Then it's a race against time: you'll have just 60 minutes to win.

Team eloquence" card game

Here's a Team Building activity in Bordeaux that will have a positive impact on your sales teams! Participants will have to compete inventively to destabilise their opponents and build the most convincing argument. Your Game Master will decide between the teams: it's up to you to use the power of words to win as many cards as possible.

Circus Olympics

Try your hand at the circus arts for half a day or a whole day in a friendly and unusual atmosphere. balance, acrobatics, acting, clowning, juggling... the Circus Olympics offers you a choice of 15 activities. Playful and artistic, this Team Building event in Bordeaux offers participants a unique adventure that will boost their confidence and strengthen team cohesion. Come and discover the magic of the circus!

Hyper virtual reality - Immersive VR Team Building in Bordeaux

Take part in THE biggest VR experience in France through an exclusive video game. equipped with a virtual reality headset, a backpack (computer), a sensory vest and a Vortex weapon, you move freely in a 500m² space (free roaming) where you can interact with the disconcerting world of Vortex Apocalypse. Let the scripting and conditioning immerse you in this unique adventure that blends action and horror! It's a good thing your team-mates are on your side...

Quiz Room Bordeaux

A TV set setting, a 100% personalised experience, constantly changing rules and jokers to use strategically to throw your opponents off balance: just the thing for an hour full of laughs. The Quiz Room offers you a unique experience reminiscent of the greatest moments of "Questions pour un Champion", "Qui veut gagner des Millions", or the famous "Maillon Faible". get your buzzers ready!

Murder Party in the heart of Bordeaux

Enjoy an immersive Roleplay or Cluedo experience in the heart of Bordeaux and its history. This Murder Party invites you to investigate in a fun and original way. Explore the city's cultural wonders to solve the riddles and unmask the culprit. Watch out: he's hiding among you!


Where can I organise a Team Building event in Bordeaux?

For your Team Building event in Bordeaux, get off the beaten track by choosing an unusual venue, a unique activity in an unusual space or an unforgettable event on your own premises. Whereez offers you a wide selection of venues and activities that you can experience as a team.

How do you choose the ideal Team Building event in Bordeaux?

each company has its own ideal Team Building activity! Offer your employees a moment of togetherness through an activity in line with your objectives (CSR, skills development, or simply a day of fun!), but which will allow each guest to feel included.