Murder Party - Giant Cluedo at your event (Lyon) Group activity


Travels to the location of your choice, in Lyon or in the region!

Liven up your event with a life-size interactive investigation. A giant clue where you are the hero!

You will have the choice between more than 40 investigation scenarios!

The body is there, lifeless, amidst a few familiar objects identified by the markers of the technical and scientific police. Teams of investigators take turns to make their observations. To search the pockets for a clue that could lead them to the scene. The priority is to question the witness. What did he see? What does he know about each other's relationships? And the suspects, what were their links with the victim?

Professional actors to bring the characters to life.

The members of each team (4 to 6 people per team) divide up the tasks of the investigation as they see fit: obtaining clues from the superintendent, questioning the witness, questioning the suspects, observing the crime scene, analysing the forensic evidence....

The investigation takes place in several phases:

- Dramatic entrance of the commissioner to announce that a corpse has just been discovered.

- Explanation of the principle of the investigation by the commissioner.

- Distribution of the investigators' files to the teams.

- The body is found and the crime scene is examined.

- Distribution of the initial autopsy report.

- Interviewing the witness.

- Provision of forensic evidence (fingerprints, etc.).

- Interviews of suspects.

- Accusation: each team records the findings of their investigation.

- Revelation: the commissioner marks the copies, announces the winning team and reveals what happened.

Practical information :

- 10 to 200 participants (on triple investigations)

- Investigations possible in English.

- Duration adjustable from 1 hour to 2.5 hours

- Only the character of the "commissioner" must be played by an actor. The other characters (witness, suspects, deputy commissioner, technical and scientific police expert) can be played by participants.

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