Murder Party Special EVJF - 50 shades of... drama! Group activity


Between improvisation theatre and police investigation, the murder party is a sort of life-size Cluedo.

Each participant is immersed in a dark story of a murder to be solved, with an assigned role at the beginning of the game.

You will then have 2 hours to investigate and discover who, among you, is the murderer!


You have the chance to attend the biggest erotic literature convention in the world in the presence of the great MF Jones himself, what an honour! What's more, a French-speaking American author is so rare! You devour all his novels, so daring, so libertine...

The publishing house has even organised a breakfast, with fans selected by MF Jones himself. And you are one of them!

Finally, it's the big day, breakfast takes place in the backstage area of the convention venue at 9am sharp, before the big day of signings and dedications that awaits your favourite author. When you arrive, you can see that they have spared no expense: buffets, plenty of drinks, gifts of all kinds... You are over the moon!

at 9 o'clock, you are all sitting around the table. MF Jones enters the room, even more handsome in person than in Closer. He kisses you all and then starts to answer the questions asked. How intimidating!

Everything is perfect, and after 10 minutes of drinking in MF Jones' words, you see that something is wrong... He stops, turns blue, everyone starts looking at each other... Before anyone can move a finger, MF Jones collapses on the table, dead!

You started screaming and, once the shock wore off, you started worrying: who could have had a grudge against such a man? It had to be one of you...

At the location of your choice: Caen, Calvados, Normandy

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