Pirate Olympics - Challenges with actors Group activity


Olympics led by real costumed actors. Immersive, interactive team building in the world of piracy! The new activity on Reunion Island!

Ideal for your next incentive or corporate event!

"Despite the ceaseless efforts of treasure seekers the world over, the treasure of the famous pirate Olivier Levasseur, known as "La Buse", remains undeciphered to this day. Thanks to our time machine, we've been able to pull some of his crew from the past who will challenge you to find out if you deserve to open the famous treasure chest of the legendary pirate the Buzzard!"

a choice of 2, 3 or 4 activities lasting 30 min per activity.

The challenges :

- Grab the ship! After solving the 1st riddle as a team and finding the eco-cups, each team must use their coordination and agility to transport water to a rallying point with basic equipment (plank, ropes) and finally solve a final riddle.

- Agile and clever: In relay mode, 1 person from each team sets off with a jute bag to collect a piece of a map to complete. (Use of jute sacks optional) While a different person goes back and forth each time, the rest of the team works on putting the puzzle back together. Once the map is complete, the Bosco hands out 1 card to start the 2nd part of the activity, which involves finding the instructions for determining a secret code.

- Come on board! In relay mode, 1 person from each team must throw a ball into barrels a few metres apart. As soon as a team reaches 8 points, it can move on to the 2nd part. the 2nd part, where the whole team will have to move around using supports to rest their feet and reach 4 zones spaced several metres apart. Symbols will have to be memorised in each zone and then played back in the correct order once back at the starting point. The Bosco will validate the correct sequence and give them a 3rd secret code in exchange.

- The Captain's Reserve: Each team must try to bring their slate, which is attached to a rope several dozen metres long, as quickly as possible along a course strewn with obstacles. Once this 1st part has been completed, in relay mode, 1 player per team will use their slate to take notes on 1 of the captain's bottles. With all the information gathered, the team can solve a final riddle to find an anagram that needs to be validated with the Bosco. A final secret code is given in exchange.

final test => a jigsaw puzzle to be put back together, showing how to use the secret codes handed over as they go along to open the final safe.


The 'physical' nature of the various events can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

Example for 2 activities: count 1H30 all included. 2H for 3 activities and 02H30 for 4 activities.

Each activity takes place in teams of 5 to 8 apprentice pirates.

Enigmas to be solved, with physical skills required for each one (fast or moderate movement, agility, dexterity, coordination, etc).

Professional actors in costume make the scenario lively and unusual! 2 to 4 actors/actresses (depending on the number of activities and players)

A points system means that, in the end, everyone can open the treasure chest, but some will deserve more than others :)

No prizes planned. Don't hesitate to let us know if you'd like us to offer you any. Or if you'd like to bring your own.

Location: At a location of your choice, under the filaos trees on Hermitage beach, in the Étang-Salé forest or at a location of your choice. Outdoors only.

Capacity: Minimum of 15 people. Maximum 250 people.

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