Quiz Game - Compete against each other on a TV set in Lyon Group activity


Organise your corporate event at this venue, which offers an original team-building activity as well as a meeting and catering area.

The 1st "Quiz Game" in Lyon with 2 rooms worthy of a real TV set!

Each room can accommodate 3 to 12 players (or 24 players in 2 rooms)

The venue also has 7 fully-equipped meeting rooms, 1 restaurant and 1 catering service.

So get ready for the first quiz game in Lyon, where you can buzz in for real, just like on a TV set, by taking on your colleagues (up to 24 players simultaneously) during a session of 8 successive rounds (each with its own rules) and with a wide range of themes: blind test, cinema, sport, video games, history, science, TV series, society, literature, cartoons...

All hosted by Quizy, our funny and friendly interactive presenter, who will be putting on a show throughout the game.

In total, up to 24 players can take part simultaneously in a quiz game session in our 2 quiz studios.

A set inspired by TV game shows

Like TV game shows such as "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?'', ''Le maillon faible'', ''Questions pour un champion'' or ''Burger Quiz'', our quiz rooms have been designed to give you a unique and immersive experience.

To achieve this, each of our quiz studios is equipped with 6 desks (one per player/team) with 4 illuminated buzzers, a giant screenm diagonal screen, a concert hall sound system and 8 lighting robots to create an atmosphere worthy of a real TV show.

To complement this TV set infrastructure, our star presenter Quizy will be putting on a show throughout the 8 rounds.


Our quiz game comprises 8 rounds, each with its own rules.

The further into the game you go, the higher the tension.

  • Top Start! Start slowly. If you answer correctly, you score points. If not ... well, no points.
  • Sprint time! The speed with which you answer the question is crucial. The faster you answer, the more points you score.
  • Casino! Think you're lucky? Now's the time to prove it. Before each question, click on one of your buzzers to stop the wheel, and find out how many points you can win if you answer correctly!
  • Top Reflex! From now on, you won't have any time ... and you won't have any friends! For each question, only the first 3 to answer correctly will score points. Of course, the fastest answers will earn more points than the others.
  • Share it! This is the generosity sequence. The first team to answer correctly will have to choose with whom they wish to share the points they have earned.

Take this opportunity to make some friends, and maybe they'll remember ... or not.

  • Multiplier! During this round, each correct answer gives you a point multiplier. If you get 2 answers right in a row, your points are multiplied by 2 ... 3 correct answers by 3.
  • Robbery! It's all in the title. The first team to answer correctly wins the right to steal points from the team of their choice. Yes, it's naughty, but remember it's nothing personal... though.
  • Double or nothing! This is the final round. And it's going to hurt. Before each question you'll be presented with a theme, and you'll have the choice of staking more or fewer points. If you answer correctly, you win the number of points you bet. But if you answer incorrectly, you lose them.
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