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A Reiki session to test your energies and well-being. A form of introspective "treatment", anywhere in Réunion.

At your company events in the form of a stand open to the public throughout the day.

Or during a private session that you can request at the location of your choice.

A 20-minute infusion of well-being.

A session for anyone who wants to receive the treatment and be made aware of its energies.

All the equipment you need to create a natural, cocooning atmosphere will be provided.

What is Reiki?

- Reiki is a Japanese Shinto term coined by Dr Mikoo Usui, describing a connection between the universal life energy around us and the energy within us.

- Reiki refers to something we feel, but cannot see, and something unconscious that connects us to the universe and its laws.

This treatment opens the door to all kinds of possibilities, such as relaxation, feeling good and being in perfect health...

How the treatment works :

The treatment takes place while dressed, preferably lying down.

The hands are placed on the body at the level of each chakra to circulate the energy:

✔ coronal chakra (the top of the head)

✔ 3rd eye chakra (the middle of the forehead)

✔ throat chakra (at throat level)

✔ heart chakra (at the level of the heart)

✔ solar plexus chakra (in the abdomen)

✔ sacral chakra (below the navel)

✔ root chakra (at the sacrum)

The person receiving the treatment will be active in the process of self-repair, self-healing in their body, in their mind, of their well-being.

The benefits of the treatment :

➢ Allows you to settle down, to stop everything, to calm your body and mind,

➢ Regulates the energy system,

➢ Dissolves blockages and promotes relaxation and letting go,

➢ Encourages the elimination of toxins,

➢ Vitalizes body and mind,

➢ Strengthens and accelerates the natural healing process,

➢ Restores psychic harmony and well-being of the soul,

➢ Acts on all levels: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual,

➢ Adapts to the needs of the person receiving the treatment.

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