Sensory journey: the solidarity game around the 5 senses Group activity


Is it an Escape Game? Not really!

But if no clue escapes you, no lock resists you... then you will enjoy being surprised again! Discover a new entertainment concept based on the 5 senses.

through a course containing enigmas, challenges and games that awaken the 5 senses of the participants, this adventure promotes stress management, cohesion and team spirit.

You go through different workshops to test your taste, touch, hearing, smell and, of course, your sight.

However, most of the workshops are in total darkness... In fact, we deprive you of your sense of sight so that you can develop your other senses!

A Sensational Sense Master will guide and accompany you during the 2 hours! A presence that will transform your session into a unique and personalized moment, full of conviviality.

SOLIDARITY GAME: You have fun, while doing a good deed!

Your mission: take up sensory challenges to collect as many amulets as possible (one amulet means 10 cents donated to a disability association)

Stop team problems, work stress, isolation, and long live team cohesion and solidarity between employees!

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