Speed Quest: the "speed" treasure hunt in the heart of Lyon Group activity


Do you want to strengthen the cohesion between your employees but you have a very tight schedule? Our Speed Quest, a new generation of track games, are made for you!

What is a Speed Quest? Participants, divided into competing teams, must solve riddles and win missions in order to decipher a mysterious code within a very tight time limit: 1 hour and 15 minutes!

Logic, deduction and speed are therefore essential in this game!

A game master will accompany you in this frantic quest.

The different scenarios proposed:

- Heart of (Old Lyon): your colleagues will embark on a meandering tour of Old Lyon, from Saint-Jean cathedral to the mysterious traboules.

- Heart of the Presqu'île: your employees will discover some of the jewels of Lyon's Presqu'île: Place Bellecour, Hôtel-Dieu, Place des Jacobins.

Reveal the personality of your employees and strengthen the cohesion of your teams thanks to this treasure hunt specially designed for team building!

The activity takes place in one of the following historic districts:

- Presqu'île

- Old Lyon

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