Team Building "Circus Olympics Group activity


Afull day or half day of your choice.

A fun and artistic challenge based on the circus arts!

Different teams organised randomly. In a friendly atmosphere, put your colleagues to the test. Strengthen and create links around different challenges based on the circus arts!

15 activities to choose from : balancing, acrobatics, juggling, clowning and acting.


1/ Plate relay with obstacles. Goal: complete a course while keeping a plate balanced on a stick.

2/ Clubs relay: Jugglers, get your clubs! Which team will exchange clubs as quickly as possible?

3/ The devil's train: The devil's sticks roll and travel on the arms and shoulders of each of the 10 participants.

4/ The pyramid on a newspaper! An unusual challenge... especially with 10 partners!

5/ Skis: Before Christmas, the skis are out! Only constraint: 4 participants per ski.

6/ Building on the head! What distance will be achieved?

7/ The rolling course! On all fours on the balance ball.

8/ The double dice! Balancing wire and juggling!

9/ The clown's broom! A story of centrifugal force!

10/ The film ambassadors. Mime the title of the film (2 teams play separately, at the same time.).

11/ The cooperative pencil. One pencil for 10 to 20 participants.

12/ I aim I throw! The 3 rings must land on the partner's arms and head.

13/ The plate turns and I do an acrobatic move.

14/ The scarves fly away and are caught but the movements change!

15/ Ball in the target. Who will be the most accurate? Each game can be played by all the participants.

After a collective choice, each team overcomes a selection of collective tests specific to the circus. So let's get to work on a new adventure! To the extent of their abilities, each participant commits to succeeding as best they can and surprising their partners and spectators.

Artistic and fun at the same time, this team-building aims to weld the group together and develop a dynamic of team cohesion, in a spirit of trust and commitment for the success of the objectives. The "Circus Olympics" team-building is highly appreciated by companies for its team-building approach. The discovery of circus arts creates a real synergy and a great group dynamic.

The participants: professional artists from a local company.

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