Team Building Mixology: Cocktail workshop or challenge Group activity


2 mixology workshops to choose from! These workshops can take place either in your premises or in our partner bars in Lyon!

COCKTAIL WORKSHOP - 1 to 2 hours

Immerse participants in an innovative cocktail-school full of colour and flavour. Thanks to our expert barman, you will learn the main principles of mixology, the art of the cocktail or how to bring together a harmony of flavours in your glass. Step by step, you will make classic cocktails and/or our imposed creations.

A sweet or savoury break can be added between each cocktail to make this cocktail course even more convivial.

This workshop can be offered without alcohol thanks to our own natural extract of alcohol-free rum.

Course of the activity:

Explanation of the course of the cocktail workshop

Cocktail workshop to learn 2 classic cocktails and/or imposed creations

Learning of the essential cocktail techniques

Creation of the 2 classic cocktails and/or creations by your employees

Tasting of their cocktails and end of the workshop


We offer you the opportunity to get behind the bar and pass on the techniques and secrets of the greatest mixologists.

During this challenge, your employees will enjoy playing and exchanging easily with each other, with our various games such as a cultural quiz on cocktails and their history or a blind tasting (watch out for traps!). This cocktail challenge includes the creation of 2 classic cocktails or creations imposed by our expert barman. This workshop will end with the deliberation of the winning group and the awarding of a prize.

This workshop can be offered without alcohol thanks to our own natural extract of alcohol-free rum

Course of the activity :

Constitution of the teams - Explanation of the Cocktail Challenge by team - Assignment of roles in each team - Cocktail culture quiz - Blind tasting

Creation of 2 classic cocktails or 2 imposed creations

Creation of a sales pitch and an advertisement or slogan for the cocktail (name, target, explanation of the choice of ingredients)

The final by team :

Presentation of the cocktail by team in front of everyone

Deliberation by the jury and calculation of points

Designation of the winning team

Presentation of the trophy or gift (optional)

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