Team Building Rugby - 6 fun events Group activity


Special Rugby World Cup Team Building! Don't worry, those who prefer to avoid the shocks will have to concentrate instead on the choreography of the Haka... among other things...

Olympiads, corporate challenges, rugby challenges... Call it what you like, but it's a truly giant game that you'll be taking part in.

All over France. Indoors and outdoors.


Give your employees a real rugby challenge and pass on the strong values of rugby by organising a rugby team building activity.

With this multi-challenge activity, your employees will challenge themselves in 6 dynamic, original and fun events, highlighting strategy, skill and cunning.

For this activity, which is suitable for everyone, your employees, divided into several teams, will have the opportunity to discover the world of rugby and try to win this corporate championship.

This incentive is ideal for strengthening cohesion and complementarity within your teams while enjoying a convivial moment.

The programme for this group activity includes learning the Haka, mastering the pass and many other original challenges suitable for everyone.

This activity requires communication and cooperation, and creates a real sense of team spirit.


To make the activity even more immersive, treat yourself to your team building adventure led by Blair CONNOR, former international rugby player and team building facilitator. Join him for a surprising and unforgettable experience!


The events in this team building programme have been designed to be as physically demanding as possible. They are invigorating and dynamic, inviting all participants to share an exceptional moment as a team.

THE HAKA: A team-building activity based on the Maori tradition of the Haka. Participants will be introduced to the movements and gestures of the Haka and will be asked to reproduce them in a team choreography.

PASSING THE B ALL: The team must learn to trust each other, work together and pass the ball from one player to another without dropping it.

THROWING IN THE TOUCH: Like a true heeler, aim for the jumper's hands and make the perfect touch. Make sure your opponents don't steal the ball from you.

THE TEST: A test combining coordination, positioning strategy and group communication to flatten the ball behind the opponents' line...

THE PENALTY: The game of rugby is not just a game of hands, it's also a game of feet.

Master the penalty kick to score the most goals between the posts with a "place kick".

THE SCRUM: Team cohesion, solidarity and confidence are the keys to a successful scrum.

Where can you organise this rugby team building event?

The rugby team building can take place in a natural setting of your choice: a rugby pitch, a sports hall, a park, a beach, etc. anywhere in France!

We can advise you on several possible locations!

Course of the activity

Welcome the participants

Setting up the teams

Briefing on the activity

Rotation of teams through the various workshops

Presentation of results

Capacity: Up to 500 people.

We will divide the participants into teams of 6 to 10 people.

Duration: 02H00 to 03H30

Take advantage of the start of the World Cup in France to offer your employees the atmosphere of this Team Building event of the moment!

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