Team Building "Secret Agent" in Cannes Group activity


A Team Building around challenges on the Croisette in Cannes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a serious time! Spies from the East are planning to eliminate several film crews this year at the Cannes Film Festival!

It is up to you to work with finesse to prevent them. They're here, in Cannes.

After sending you a training kit, head to the Croisette in your secret agent outfit to save the world from another confrontation.

Agent 1-2C4 will be there to welcome you, give you your equipment and give you a first training before the mission. You'll need to be fast, lucky at blackjack, smart at puzzles to find out who the spies are!

Perhaps they are also infiltrated in your team?

Examples of challenges on the course:

- Infiltration: At the beginning of the game, participants will have to answer a form. Depending on the answers, we will designate an infiltrator. (hidden during the game)

- Interrogation

- Gadget: At the beginning of the mission, the teams will have to find a briefcase. In this case, there are gadgets to help them find the infiltrator.

- Nerf Battle

- Black Jack: Everyone will have the same initial sum and the goal will be to win as much money as possible in 40 minutes.

- Martini: It's up to you to create the famous James Bond Martini

stalking: Follow the mysterious Putin look-alike around the area without being detected.

- Limousine: A Limousine car will pick up the winning team for a tour of the city and surrounding area with a bottle of champagne.

This package includes :

- 2h30 to 3h of activity

- Animation with referees

- Different coloured bow ties for the teams

- Spy kits included.

- Questionnaire to answer before the game

- Gifts for the winners (bottles of champagne and a limousine ride)

- Pawns for the blackjack game,

- One free martini per person

- Bonus challenges

Location: Place Macé (at the Hublot shop)

All challenges take place on the Croisette in Cannes.

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06400 Cannes

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