The Great Retro Game "Back in the 90's! Group activity


Back to the Future is an immersive Team Building activity in which you travel 30 years back in time by handling the cult objects of the decade.

Back to the 90s! This team building activity brings back fond memories. It invites participants to pool their skills to enjoy a shared victory that has the flavour of a Proust's madeleine.

The Spice Girls, Techno and Hip Hop were all playing on a loop in the Walkmans.

We connected to the internet with a 56K modem or an AOL CD. And we called with phone cards.

And we all remember what we were doing on the night of the 1998 France-Brazil World Cup final.

Course & Activities

Explore an immersive indoor experience with our Team Building, a captivating fusion of Escape Game and investigation, immersing participants in the excitement of the 90s.

Discover retro adverts, iconic games and much more.

A great board game, on a table, around which you will compete for 1H30 to 2H.

Whether you're in a meeting room or an informal setting, a 100% nostalgia adventure awaits you!

Join us for a trip back to the 90s, a time when every moment was a discovery.

A unique opportunity to strengthen your employees' team spirit while offering a unique experience. Dive into the past in style and transform your workplace into a playground full of memories and complicity.


Travel back in time to the 90's with a fun team-building activity.

Enjoy an Escape Game directly in your workplace or at a seminar.

Develop observation and deduction skills to decipher the game mechanics and solve the puzzles.

Capacities: From 6 to 200 players.

Duration: 02H00

Location: Indoors. Anywhere in France!

In French or English.

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