The winemaker's challenge - The Wine Olympics Group activity


Team Building / Challenge around wine and its professions... A completely unusual, innovative, unifying and... tasty corporate activity!

What if we imagined Koh-Lanta around wine? Or the Winegrower's Olympics?

During your seminar day, the participants, divided into different teams, will have to measure themselves against each other in a great oenological challenge.

Various workshops evoking the work of the winemaker are proposed to them, as many tests to face. The different teams, of 6 to 10 people, rotate through the workshops in shifts, so that they can take up the "winemaker challenge".

Each workshop is led by an oenologist/sommelier, who helps the participants to complete their task and marks their performance. At the end of the session, the organisers rank the teams and award prizes to each member of the winning team. The spirit is resolutely friendly, interactive and participative.

Course of the event

- Welcome speech, presentation of the challenge and the sommeliers/oenologists for each workshop.

- Teams are formed, a chef is appointed and a name is chosen for the team.

- Start of the activities in the various workshops (1 team per workshop)

It's as if the Inter-Celtic Games had been created in a wine-growing region. Instead of throwing tree trunks or pulling rope, this Challenge is a challenge based on the secular gestures practised by winegrowers.

- Teams rotate between them (15 min to 30 min per workshop: depending on the time allowed for each activity)

- End of the challenge, points counted and teams ranked.

- Prizes awarded to each member of the winning team


- Barrel assembly workshop

Before you are the staves, the hoops and the calle. The last cooper in Paris will show you how. This workshop is an opportunity to discuss the role of barrels in wine-making.

- Recognising aromas

An essential exercise in wine tasting, but one that is difficult to master. The challenge of this workshop is to spontaneously recognise the aromas present in our daily lives.

- Old wine tools

The sommelier presents a collection of old wine tools. Guessing their use is not always easy.

- Flash tasting

Among the three wines on offer, find the odd one out. For example: "Which of these 3 wines is not French?

- Organic and non-organic wines

Identify and define the characteristics of organic wines. This is an exciting field with a bright future in the world of wine. Real schools and typicities are emerging.

- The sounds of wine

Participants listen to sounds and noises recorded in wine cellars or in the vineyards. The aim is to identify them and put them into context.

- Wine blending

By blending 3 very different wines, recreate the one proposed in the workshop.

- Bottling challenge

Corks, empty bottles, barrels, corking machines and wooden crates: that's it for the tools. The mission: fill 3 bottles in record time (only if outdoor activity)

- The oldest wine

Rank 3 of the same wines from different vintages from youngest to oldest.

- Recognising grape varieties

3 varietal wines are offered for tasting. The aim is to identify them according to their aromatic characteristics, using the sommelier's clues.

- Wine press workshop

Grapes, a press... Your mission: extract as much juice as possible! Can you find the right technique better than your challengers?


In Paris and throughout France, in all the wine-growing regions.

This is a challenge that can be organised both indoors and outdoors, and we can take you right into the heart of the vineyards for an even more realistic experience.

A unifying event that's like an Olympiad, but with the added pleasure of tasting!

Benefits of the event: unifying and cultural at the same time. Allows individuals to come into their own as part of a team.

An original event with or without alcohol.

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