Theatre Improvisation Workshop for children Group activity


A theatrical improvisation workshop for children. Ideal for a birthday party or an annual activity for personal growth and development.

Several workshops for different age groups:

IMPRO CHILDREN FROM 7 TO 9 YEARS: Discover and learn to play with your emotions, your imagination, your senses to create and act spontaneously stories alone, in pairs or in groups. Learn to express themselves in front of an audience. Here, the youngest are introduced to the practice of theatre, discover the basic rules of improvisation, and learn to develop observation, listening and sharing, while having fun through games and playful exercises.

IMPRO CHILDREN FROM 10 TO 12 YEARS: Imagining, feeling, observing, listening, sharing, having fun with emotions. Learn to play alone or collectively, and to express themselves in front of an audience. In this workshop, children discover the practice of theatre and the basic rules of improvisation. They learn to create and perform stories "live" by practicing games and fun exercises based on listening and spontaneity.

TEEN IMPROV FROM 13 YEARS OLD : Learning to know oneself, to listen to oneself, to express oneself with the body or with the voice, to open oneself to oneself, to others and to the imaginary, to overcome one's shyness, to be able to overcoming shyness, being able to surprise oneself, giving life to a story or a character, having fun with emotions, learning to play collectively and to express oneself in front of an audience in order to spontaneously create stories as a group. Here, teenagers find their own space for expression and are introduced to the practice of improvisation theatre in a match.

Sessions take place every week in the centre of Gap.

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