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It's very simple, you are equipped with two joysticks allowing you to interact with the virtual environment, and a helmet covering your field of vision. Thanks to these accessories, you dive into a virtual universe where everything becomes possible!

9 boxes, all equipped with a helmet and controllers. Only one person can play in a box. However, multiplayer games allow people to play together and share their in-game adventures.

A very wide range of destinations for those who want to dive into VR together. You can go toe-to-toe with zombies... get together with your best friends to destroy the robot hordes...

A virtual reality room that offers you a wide choice of VR games depending on the experiences you want to discover. You will have the possibility to live a different experience to improve your team cohesion. The activity will allow you to test your team on several points such as their ability to work together, to help each other and to bring out the best in each other to solve puzzles together.

Thanks to virtual reality, we can add a touch of madness to fun activities by taking you all on a journey together into fantastic worlds. Virtual Reality games allow you to have fun while learning more about skills you didn't know about your colleagues. So go ahead, book, and strengthen your team through a unique and convivial experience.

You can organise company parties or even half days.

Capacity of 34 people, but the room has 9 boxes, so 9 people can play simultaneously. (The duration depends on the number of people. For small groups of 5 to 15 people, one hour is sufficient. For large groups, 2 to 3 hours are needed to give each team member enough time to play)

Company parties for up to 34 people can be organised. Each headset is linked to a screen, so people can see what the player is seeing. This makes the activity very interactive and fun.

In this way, part of the team can play while the others relax and watch the exploits of their colleagues.

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