Wine-Gaming - Wine Escape Game in Toulouse Group activity


This unusual activity will plunge you into a world on the border between an escape game and oenology!

The concept of Wine Gaming is simple: as in an escape game, form your team of 4 to 12 players, and try to solve the enigmas within a given time. Be careful, here, it's not about freeing yourself, but the bottle of wine!

Provided you pass the tasting tests... This fun challenge will introduce you to oenology through experimentation!

THE SYNOPSIS: The basement of the Petits Crus contains an exceptional bottle, a wine from the cellar of the last Count of Toulouse.

The discoverer of this priceless bottle, Mr. de Saint Raymond, is a shrewd and playful collector... he has decided to display it for all to see, while protecting it with a mechanism that prevents it from being opened, a Cryptex.

To have the chance to taste this wine one day, you will have to prove yourself worthy by solving the riddles concocted by Mr. De Saint Raymond.

The particularity of these riddles: they are based on wine tasting! Will your nose and your palate be up to the task?

Duration: 01H05 (5 minutes of presentation - 50 minutes of independent play - 10 minutes of debriefing)

time slots: Every day at 5.30 pm, 7.30 pm or 9.30 pm

Up to 12 people per session!

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