Write & record your band song in a Parisian studio Group activity


In the shoes of a star... and now behind the microphone!

2 options:

- You choose a song that you will record as a team.

Choose any song from the French or international repertoire that you want your team to record.

- You write a song as a group, then go into therecording booth.

You can personalise your recording by having the whole team rewrite the text of the chosen song, with lyrics that suit your company.

This activity can be carried out on the day itself by reserving the necessary time, depending on the number of participants, for a lyric writing workshop before the recording.

This workshop is supervised by our studio's songwriter/composer coach to assist you with the writing process and to ensure a smooth performance afterwards, in particular by checking that the phrasing and rhythm of the new text fits well with the music of the original text.

The recording

The recording session begins with a dress rehearsal with all participants under the guidance and close attention of our vocal coach.

Depending on the number of singers, groups of performers are formed to do the vocal takes.

Each group has its own microphone, and several vocal takes are recorded for all the singers within their group, in order to keep the best interpretations for the mixing.

While one part of the team is performing, the other part of the team is watching the recording in the control room.


This operation is carried out in the days following your visit to the studio. The best of the interpretations are kept to achieve what we call the perfect take!

for example, if the first verse is better interpreted in vocal take n°1 and the chorus is better interpreted in vocal take n°2, we assemble these 2 takes.

Amateur singers have the right to make mistakes! We apply a vocal correction to catch all the problems of note accuracy and rhythmic setting, in addition to the professional audio mixing techniques and effects that are brought to your recording.

The final result of your recording is delivered to you in Mp3 and CD for the audio and mp4 for the video.

Several Options:

Video clip

The recording session is filmed in its entirety in HD image. Different shots are filmed and edited to create a video clip. Your company logo and credits can be included in the editing.

CD, Vinyl with a personalised cover.

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