Whereez , 08/05/2024

Motivating your teams, optimising the organisation of group work, strengthening links between employees... cohesion encompasses all these aspects of the professional sphere, and much more besides. Discover our selection of activities ideal for your team-building day!

Why organise a "team-building day"?

Cultivating a convivial atmosphere by bringing people together is an excellent way of strengthening cohesion between employees. By regularly inviting your teams to take part together in creative challenges, unusual experiences full of fun, sporting challenges or team-building activities, you can maintain the feeling of belonging to the group for optimum productivity and top morale! All the more reason to make the famous "team-building day" a priority for your company.

1 - Corporate Olympic Games

Available throughout France, this activity is ideal for a day of team-building sports in the great outdoors. Bubble Foot, hockey, archery tag (a mix of paintball and archery), costume wrestling... With the Corporate Olympic Games, the challenges are unusual and the fun is always there!

2 - The Impossible Bridge - Creative construction workshop

A bridge is a marvel of engineering... and ingenuity. This activity will bring a real intellectual and collaborative challenge to your team-building day. Together, participants have to recreate a model of a famous bridge (Golden Gate Bridge, etc.), but beware: their replica will be put to the test! If a model vehicle manages to cross the structure without collapsing, it's a winner!

3 - The Grand Battle of musical games

Get ready for a wild musical adventure. "Just Dance", Karaoke, "N'oubliez pas les paroles", musical blind tests, or even the famous musical chairs of our childhood... for this Grand Battle of the music games, these classics are enhanced by some completely wacky bonus challenges: who can do the best dance in a Minion or T-rex outfit?

4 - The Wine Olympics: "The Winemaker's Challenge

It's time for a change of scenery and a plunge into the world of wine and its professions. Le Challenge du Vigneron invites you to organise a day of team-building in the form of Koh-Lanta or the Wine Olympics. through exciting workshops led by an oenologist/sommelier, your team progresses in its mission. Barrel assembly, tasting tests, a bottling challenge, a wine-press workshop... Tailor-made Olympics for an unforgettable, cultural day out. Accessible to non-alcohol drinkers!

5 - La Fresque des déchets - CSR workshop

This fun, collaborative workshop lifts the veil on the consequences of our consumption patterns. through creative activities based on clear explanations, participants take ownership of this crucial theme by building a visual representation in their own way, and raising awareness. It's the perfect workshop to make your team-building day part of a CSR approach.

6 - Team Building "LOL, he who laughs gets out!

This is undoubtedly the most difficult challenge there is for your employees. Dad jokes, comedy film blind tests, epic battles between t-rex and Minions, ridiculous karaoke... your objective when faced with these hilarious challenges? Above all, not to laugh! And when everything is designed to make you crack up, 3 "lives" are quickly used up.

7 - Street art day at work

Introduce your teams to Street Art for an unusual and fascinating team-building day. It's time to dust off the clichés and open up to the culture of hip-hop, slam and graffiti. This fun-filled day offers different formats to suit your event.

8 - Outdoor Murder Party - "In the streets of your city

Who would have thought that the streets of your town were the playground of a fearsome Mafia family? But a mole has crept in and your role is to get him out of his hole. equipped with a roadbook to help them explore the neighbourhood and gather clues, participants have 1? hours to unmask the intruder.

9 - Team Burger Quiz

This game show needs no introduction! But in this version, the questions are about your colleagues. Through anecdotes, silly questions and lots of laughs, the participants get to know each other better and bonds are forged. The memories will last for years to come.

10 - Secret Agent Mission

Experience virtual immersion at the heart of a high-security mission... During this completely innovative and original Team Building, exfil a CAC40 boss who has been sequestered in a foreign prison!

Just imagine... 4 hours to solve a crisis in a specially designed room... A real HQ, in a meeting room. Noise, alarms, documents, realistic videos, telephones and real people to talk to - you're there to reinforce the crisis unit. And then the beeper goes off. Your Mission is triggered. You run to the crisis room to take action...


What is a team-building day?

A cohesion day, also known as a team-building day, is an event organised by a company to cultivate and strengthen links between its employees. The programme includes group activities designed to develop participants' ability to work together, to help them get to know each other better, and also to have a good time!

Why choose original activities for your team-building day?

What could be more memorable than an unusual day out with colleagues? Meetings and other team-building exercises that take place on your premises often fail to leave their mark and take employees out of the usual professional context. By opting for truly original activities, your team-building day becomes a real event: enjoyable, inspiring and impactful!