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Promoting team cohesion and collaborative performance while strengthening employees' social, environmental and economic awareness: that's what a CSR Team Building approach is all about. But how do you go from theory to practice? Let's discover together the importance of CSR Team Building and the ideal activities to give meaning to your employees.

What is CSR: Definition

According to the European Commission, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is "the voluntary integration by enterprises of social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders". It is based on three main pillars:

- Society
- the economy
- the environment

In practical terms, the aim of CSR is to see every company adapt its operations to adopt more ethical and responsible practices that are more in line with the objectives of sustainable development.

What is CSR Team Building?

CSR Team Building is part of this strategy. through sports, fun, educational or creative activities, it raises awareness by placing people and the environment at the heart of projects that create links.

How can you strengthen your CSR approach through Team Building?

CSR Team Building is a practical way of improving collective well-being by consolidating links between employees, while raising the group's awareness of environmental, social and economic issues. But for the project to work, it's important to choose your activities carefully.

Activities to understand CSR issues

each company has its own approach to CSR. For a CSR Team Building project to work, it needs to be built around the values that define your organisation. But it's just as important to get out of your comfort zone by choosing activities that will raise points that are rarely raised in everyday working life.

Moving forward together to become CSR players

A successful CSR Team Building activity is one that opens the way to more questioning, awareness and responsibility. Don't hesitate to get off the beaten track and help your teams discover ever more unexpected ways of looking after everyone's well-being.

CSR Team Building: the ideal activities

Ideas for CSR Team Building workshops to inspire you!

Climate Fresco in Paris

This activity has certainly become the most essential when you combine the terms Company, Team Building and CSR. Organised in 3 phases, they will have to link the causes and consequences of climate disruption, becoming aware of the complexity and systemic nature of climate change. The last phase (the most important) will call on their collaborative creativity by exploring individual and collective solutions. This fresco can be used in a variety of ways: digital, textiles, mobility... the possibilities are endless! Contact us to find out more.

Solidarity cooking workshop for the homeless

Cooking for the homeless is a unique team building activity that's sure to leave a lasting impression! In partnership with the Balade des Lucioles association, this workshop will enable you to prepare packed lunches for your employees, and especially for the homeless. The quantities are doubled and it's up to you to place the cursor on the quantities distributed to the homeless that evening. You can take part in the distribution to give even more meaning to this activity.

Disability Olympics

CSR is often associated with ecology and climate change. But it also encompasses an equally important dimension of social responsibility. With the Disability Olympics, you can put your employees in a situation of blindness during sporting challenges. This activity, which combines physical games and sporting challenges, will make them more aware of disabilities, while stimulating their creativity, cooperation and confidence. And all this while offering them a unique sensory experience!

Explor'Action: CSR Eco-Rally in Paris

This 3-stage CSR team-building activity takes place over half a day, during which participants take part in environmental challenges, unusual discoveries and responsible gourmet tastings. They will also visit a Parisian eco-neighbourhood.

Cap Solidaire: The CSR Challenge "Regatta

With riddles about current social issues set against the backdrop of a virtual regatta, this is a collaborative and committed CSR Serious Game that's sure to be something different! Alex, Responsible Skipper, introduces participants to CSR by guiding them through a race full of pitfalls.

The Greenwashing Survey: Sorting out the green from the false

Greenwashing is a concept that fits in perfectly with a CSR Team Building seminar! How do you know who is really doing their best for the environment and who is just trying to give the impression that they are? This lively Serious Game lifts the veil.

Adventurers of the Planet: CSR team challenges

Earth, air, water, fire... the 4 natural elements are at the heart of introspective, collaborative and fun challenges. through workshops on optimising energy, saving resources, waste management and the creative aspects of recycling, this CSR Team Building workshop will surprise your teams.

Making coffee tables and seats from recycled materials

Recycling is the basis of the circular economy, a societal model based on maximum reuse and minimum ecological impact. The manufacture of furniture that is as attractive as it is useful is an excellent way of illustrating these principles, which are entirely in line with the challenges of CSR.

Anti-Gaspi cooking workshops

Recovering is also a kitchen activity! This workshop to raise awareness of food waste takes a fun approach to the issue and sets your teams a challenge: cook a challenge menu without throwing away a single peel. You'll need to be inventive and curious.


What is CSR Team Building?

CSR Team Building is an approach that consists of strengthening cohesion between team members while raising the group's awareness of societal, environmental and economic issues that have a direct impact on the business world. This can be done through activities selected for their theme or for the way in which they tackle these important subjects, while offering your employees a fun time to spend together.

How does Team Building reinforce your company's CSR approach?

Team Building brings people together. It is based on activities and workshops designed to strengthen links between employees. When these activities include a responsible dimension (ecological, economic and/or societal), they convey a strong message and raise participants' awareness in a lively way. The experience is much more memorable than when the information is simply presented.

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