Whereez , 22/08/2023

Organising a corporate event in La Réunion is not just about bringing together employees or colleagues in beautiful surroundings. The aim of a business event is to create meaning while respecting the company's values. If you're wondering how to organise a corporate event, we're going to tell you everything you need to know about organising a successful event in Réunion. We'll give you the keys to success!

Why organise a corporate event in Réunion?

Corporate events offer a multitude of advantages, as they are essentially based on promoting and enhancing your company. For your company, organising a professional event is an opportunity to :

  • establish a corporate spirit to strengthen the feeling of belonging;
  • Improve team cohesion;
  • Re-motivate employees;
  • Optimise productivity;
  • Launch a brand new product (or service);
  • Develop brand awareness;
  • Attract new customers or employees;
  • Find new business opportunities;
  • To thank your teams;
  • Celebrate the company's successes;
  • Take the opportunity to surprise them by introducing them to new places and activities.

Organising a corporate event on the island is not something you can improvise. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of a business event, it's important that everything is a success. And to do that, you need to be very meticulous in your organisation.

What are the steps involved in organising a corporate event?

Organising a business event requires a great deal of commitment and planning. You need to think ahead, which is why it's best to follow a number of different stages to make sure you don't forget anything. If your event is a success, it will boost your company's profile in Réunion. On the other hand, if it's a failure, it won't be very good for your brand image. And employees are likely to remember it... To make sure you have every chance on your side, we invite you to follow our guide to organising a successful corporate event.

Define your objectives

Well before the big day, a business event organiser will determine the objectives of the event. What type of business event should be organised? Who will be the target audience? Your customers, employees or partners? What will be the strategic goal? How many people do you want to invite? Where would you like to hold it? And when? You need to ask yourself all these questions, and of course find the answers, before embarking on the organisation of your business event in La Réunion. That way, you can set realistic objectives.

Determining the budget

The budget is also an essential part of organising your corporate event. Determining a budget with your teams before you even start planning your event will help you avoid calling on services that you will not be able to afford in the end. Determining a budget will enable the agency to suggest venues, activities and caterers that match it. Every place is different. There's something for every budget. To reduce certain costs, it is possible to sponsor services in exchange for advertising.

Choosing the right date

The choice of date will have a direct influence on the success of your event. The date must suit all your guests. It is therefore advisable to avoid organising an event when your teams have more intensive work periods or if other professional events are planned. also avoid holiday periods, Mondays and all public holidays. Whatever date you choose, plan your event as far in advance as possible. For example, most event venues are booked up as early as April for the end of the year. So make your own arrangements!

Choosing the right venue

The venue is essential to the success of your event. It must embody the image of your event project and also that of your company. In other words, you need to choose the venue very carefully. Choose a venue that will surprise your target audience but still be suitable for them. Check that the venue has sufficient capacity, and remember to book well in advance.

Choosing the caterer

Many festive events can punctuate the life of a company. But to satisfy your staff and customers, you need to offer a good atmosphere and, above all, good food. When it comes to food and drink, selecting a good caterer is essential when organising your corporate event in La Réunion. Whether you are organising a seminar, a company party, a business meeting or a product launch, you need to select a quality local caterer. It's the best way to satisfy your guests. Here, too, the choice of caterer will leave a lasting impression!

Choosing activities

Entertainment is essential for a successful business event. Depending on the type of event you are organising in La Réunion, different activities are possible. Giant Olympics like Koh-Lanta Péi, shows (comedians, singers...), culinary activities, sea outings, giant escapades, well-being and relaxation activities or even eco-responsible activities, you really do have a choice. All you need to do is find the best local service providers! And the activity that matches your day's objective.

Communicating the event

Communication is fundamental to ensuring maximum participation during your business event in Réunion. It's important to use every available means to publicise your event:

  • Social networks ;
  • Email
  • Post ;
  • Invitation card for a business event ;
  • Flyer;
  • Advertising; etc;
  • etc.

If you want to make the most of optimal communication, your marketing strategy should be based around three key areas: teasing to arouse curiosity, announcing the event and reminder communication to maintain the link with your teams.

you will also need to set a deadline by which the number of people attending the event can no longer be changed. This is vital for the smooth organisation of your event and for keeping to your budget. So that you can warn all the service providers and ensure that nothing goes wrong on the big day.

Choosing Whereez to organise your corporate event on Reunion Island

At Whereez, we want to get you out of your rut by offering you the opportunity to organise unique business events thanks to a selection of passionate, experienced service providers who are, above all, committed to making a positive social impact! Our strength lies in our originality and the commitment of our partners. Always surprising you!

Give your business event a positive social impact with Whereez!

All our professional partners are committed companies from the local economic fabric. By calling on Whereez, you're helping these young companies to develop and hire locally.

Organising a corporate event in Réunion is a powerful communication strategy for promoting your company. You'll be raising your profile while bringing your teams together. And, as you will have realised, the key to a successful business event in Réunion lies in organisation!