Whereez , 12/06/2024

Organising a corporate event always requires a certain amount of investment. The key is not necessarily to spend as much as you can, but rather to find venues, entertainment and activities that promise a truly memorable time while fitting in with your financial capabilities. How can you make the most of your Team Building budget?

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Team Building budget: the key to organising your event

The Team Building budget is not a fixed figure. The funds you have available will dictate what you can envisage depending on the number of people. For example, a company inviting hundreds of employees to a Team Building event will need to budget more than a small organisation, even if the latter chooses to spend a little more per person. So this is where you need to start: how many guests do you want to invite and what is your budget per "head"?

Once you have determined your Team Building budget per person, you can look at the various options available to you for organising your team-building day.

Team Building budget - €30 to €50

at less than €50 per participant, your most promising options will be those that are geographically close. That way, you can invite your employees to come on their own or minimise the cost of transport. There's also nothing to stop you organising a Team Building event on your premises. With Whereez, there's no reason to let a tight Team Building budget deprive you offun, innovative and unusual activities! Choose activities that take place on your premises to save on room hire costs, or activities that can accommodate you on their premises (escape games, laser games, challenge rooms, etc.) or activities that take place outdoors (outdoor escape games, visits, treasure hunts, etc.)

The winemaker's challenge - Wine Olympics

You don't need a huge Team Building budget to invite your staff to enjoy this unique, unifying and tasty experience. It's like Koh-Lanta in the wine world: the Winegrower's Olympics. Your seminar day is built around oenological challenges where everyone learns more about the world of wine and has fun as a team.

Team Burger Quiz

The famous TV quiz redesigned to create a bond by encouraging your teams to get to know each other? That's what you get with this adaptation of Burger Quiz, in which participants learn a lot about their colleagues. Improbable anecdotes, embarrassing little truths, silly but hilarious questions... It's all there for a good time together.

Team Building budget - €50 to €100

Between €50 and €100 per participant, you have a more comfortable Team Building budget to plan a very enjoyable day of team building. You can aim for more original activities or offer your employees a truly unusual experience.

Squid Game Challenges - The Team Building of the series

The crazy world of Squid Game awaits you for an immersive adventure that will stimulate collaborative development... while having lots of fun. The activities on offer follow all the codes of the series, from the invitation your guests receive by email to the famous elimination tests. But don't panic: everyone will come out alive!

Team Building LOL, He who laughs goes out!

Will you be able to resist Dad's jokes, hilarious blind tests, ridiculous choreography and activities full of fun? You've got it: everything is designed to make you crack up and laugh! Your opponents won't hesitate to add to the fun. All in all, you'll have a great time.

Team Building budget - €100 and over

If your Team Building budget is over €100, offer your participants a totally immersive team-building experience. Serious Games, unusual workshops, surprising and exotic locations...

Let yourself be inspired!

Mission Agents Secrets - "Manage a crisis" Business Game

This Serious Game organised by crisis management professionals takes place on your premises, where your participants are plunged into a thrilling virtual immersion in the middle of a high-security mission. A crisis room specially fitted out as a real HQ, 4 hours to act and resolve a geopolitical, medical, economic, ecological, media or cyber-security crisis. The magic of gamification works and your team cooperates intuitively. Ideal for acquiring reflexes that your employees can draw on on a daily basis.

Molecular cooking workshop

Cooking with nitrogen, gelling, emulsifying and the other key techniques of molecular cooking will no longer hold any secrets for your participants. This workshop focuses on culinary culture and surprising dishes concocted using techniques that are as fun as they are unusual. 2 hours of lessons and 1 hour of lunch to taste your creations: this is the perfect way to offer your teams an out-of-the-ordinary team-building experience.


What is the ideal team building budget?

There really is no such thing as an ideal team building budget: the aim is rather to determine which events and activities are within your reach and how you can get the most out of them, depending on your objectives and your history (so that you can always offer your staff outings that are different). Get inspired by the hundreds of options available on Whereez!

How to maximise your team building budget?

To make the most of your team building budget, invest in the experience itself rather than in transport or non-essentials. Choose activities and entertainment that will appeal to all your participants and give them a unique and unifying experience. Remember to analyse the audience: age, gender, particular interests, field of activity, etc.