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are you looking for unforgettable entertainment for your corporate evening that will dazzle your guests and leave a lasting impression? Then look no further! We have the perfect solutions for you. We've carefully selected the five most unusual and original corporate evening events to make a lasting impression! Of course, these ideas are not exclusive, and you'll always be well inspired to propose a photo event using an original photobooth or a virtual reality test stand. The effect is always guaranteed! If you'd like to find out more about all our possible events, don't hesitate!

P.S.: We can offer you a turnkey solution for your evening, including the venue and caterer, to ensure efficient coordination and consistency of the evening's theme


Original entertainment for your corporate events

1. Tripot - Prohibition evening and street games

Immerse yourself in the New York of the 1920s, at the height of Prohibition, and challenge the petty kingpins of the Black Sox mafia gang to an immersive evening at the clandestine Tripot. Play against Jack Craps, Beetle Bob, Fast Lucky, Big Baby and their cronies in street games where the rules no longer exist. Try your luck by taking on the challenges of the hoodlums of the underworld and make easy money by braving the law.

With actors dressed as 10 different characters and a musical backdrop, this original entertainment is suitable for 25 to 500 people, indoors or outdoors. Join us for an unforgettable evening in the heart of the 1920s!

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2. the Arsène Lupin test

Follow in the footsteps of the famous Arsène Lupin by taking part in our burglary game at your next company party! Divided into teams, you'll have to complete as many missions as possible in 1? hours to collect the biggest haul and impress Arsène. Our host, dressed as Lupin, will guide you through the game and announce the teams' provisional rankings to keep up the excitement. The advantage of this event is that the game can be played during a cocktail party or sit-down dinner for groups of 50 to 500 people divided into teams of 5 to 10 players.

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3. to cap or not to cap

Discover this unique wandering entertainment that will liven up your event by creating a real challenge for your guests! With over a hundred challenges to take up, your guests will love this colourful entertainment. These friendly characters have more than one trick up their sleeve and will challenge your guests in an original and rhythmic way. Choose a card from their deck and take up the challenge. are you up to the challenge of eating Cleopatra's glue, donning a vintage k-way or performing the legendary moonwalk in front of a wild audience? Choose from a range of different characters, including Chipie, Diego, P'tit Zef and many others, each with their own challenges. Are you in or out?

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4. A wandering Charlot mime

Are you looking to add a poetic touch to your event? And make it unique and memorable? Then look no further! We've got just the entertainment you need: a mime artist unlike any other!

Imagine yourself transported into a fairytale world thanks to the magnificent outfits and body movements of our mime. Made up and dressed with the utmost care, he'll be able to embody the character of your choice from around thirty outfits available, representing over 18 different characters.

Our mime artist is a true automaton, capable of playing the role of immobile statue or teasing follower depending on the atmosphere of your event. His pantomime technique is breathtaking and his body movements will leave you speechless.

An unusual and unusual performance that will leave no one indifferent!

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5. Pétanque tournaments or free access

Are you looking for a simple, chill and original event for your evening? Why not revisit this monument to conviviality that is pétanque? With Whereez, you can bring one or more pétanque courts directly to your event venue.

We offer every possible type of game: challenge, tournament, team building, self-service, initiation, and even made-to-measure inventions just for you! Our elegant floodlit pitches will give your event a special look, whether outdoors or indoors.

As well as offering a fun and friendly event, we're also keen to support an important cause: with every operation or product purchase, we donate funds to the Enfant Bleu association, which fights child abuse. We've also invented 'Charity Pétanque', a fun way to play while helping a good cause.
So, what are you waiting for to dive into a bath of emotions, joy and authenticity with pétanque?

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Why choose Whereez to organise your corporate evenings?

Choosing Whereez means you get a turnkey solution.

In fact, we also act as an events agency.

Are you looking for a venue for your corporate party? As well as nearby accommodation for a few guests, or a means of transport? Have you thought about the various catering options? We take the time to carefully select our professionals and give you the benefit of our experience.

We meet all our partners and ensure the quality of their services.

Whatever your objectives for the evening, Whereez will help you find amazing venues, the entertainment best suited to the format of your event, and service providers who are on a human scale, responsible and rigorous. We can advise you on theorganisation of your event.

Our selection of activities is designed to offer your employees fun experiences that are out of the ordinary, make a lasting impression and combine discovery and relaxation.

Give your events a positive social impact

Choosing Whereez means choosing a sustainable social model

Our partners are young, committed companies in the making, part of the local economic fabric. They therefore need a growth driver to develop and hire locally.
Of course, we still have dozens of ideas for activities, venues, caterers and events to suggest to you. In Paris and elsewhere.

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Testimonials from our customers

Elodie - Inovista

Bravo for this organisation!

Thank you for your proposal and your sense of professionalism. Everything was perfectly organised. The evening went well. Everyone really enjoyed it.

You managed the organisation perfectly despite the tight schedule: 1 week. I wouldn't hesitate to call on you again and to pass on your contact details. Well done again!

Nicolas, Melvin & Hamilton

An ideal atypical evening!

The two activities proposed by Whereez fitted in well with the spirit of the evening and everyone had a great time. I can highly recommend the services of Whereez, who came up with a scenario that suited our budget.

Tom and Yves, Whereez's 2 partners, took very good care of us.

I can't say enough about them! Thank you so much!

Novo Nordisk

A perfect evening!

We had an exceptional evening thanks to Whereez.

The team was very responsive to our requests (even at short notice) and overcame any constraints. We really appreciated the regular follow-up and availability of the project manager.

Whereez offers a multitude of activities and venues, each more original than the last. But the real bonus is that Whereez organises them around a theme to give your evenings a real sense of coherence.

You can trust them blindly to organise your evenings.

The only downside: we'd have liked to have seen how you work with your partners more quickly!

We won't hesitate to call on the Whereez team again toorganise our events.

Thank you again


1- How do I organise an event?

Finding entertainment for an event can be fun and stimulating, but it can also quickly become a hassle. Here are a few tips to help you host a successful event:

a) Know your audience: Before planning the event, it's important to know your audience. Who will be attending? What is their age range? What are their interests and expectations? This will help you to personalise the event and find ways of surprising them.

b) Go for variety: When planning your event, include different highlights to keep your audience engaged and interested. This could include speeches, games, competitions, workshops, shows, etc.

c) Be creative: Hosting an event can be fertile ground for creative expression. Use originality, spontaneity and humour to engage your audience. Don't hesitate to think outside the box, or to seek professional advice from someone like Whereez. Your guests will thank you for leaving them with a remarkable memory

d) Keep the pace: Pace is an essential element of any event. Make sure that the highlights follow on from each other in a rhythm that remains enjoyable for your guests. Alternate high points with more "free" moments. For example, make sure that speeches and presentations are of reasonable length to keep your audience's attention, or that the entertainment you have planned is not too long to give guests time to meet and talk freely.

e) Have fun: Finally, don't forget that hosting an event is above all a fun and rewarding experience. Take the opportunity to meet new people, share ideas and create unforgettable memories.

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2- What type of entertainment is best for a corporate evening?

There are many options for hosting a corporate evening, depending on the objective of the event, the format and the preferences of the participants.

Entertainment can take the form of games and challenges, music, food or shows... These activities can involve your guests to very different degrees. It is therefore important to take into account the preferences of your guests and the objective of the event to choose the most appropriate entertainment for your corporate evening.

If your objective is originality, our selection above suggests some unusual entertainment to make a lasting impression.

3- What are the most popular events?

The most popular events are not necessarily the most original, but they are nonetheless effective and much appreciated by guests. Here is a list of the most common events:

a) Quizzes: An interactive quiz on subjects relevant to the company or on amusing topics can be a fun way of stimulating interaction and participation.

b) Group games: Group games such as role-playing or challenges can help break the ice and encourage interaction between guests

c) Karaoke: If your colleagues are music lovers, karaoke can be a fun option to entertain and encourage interaction.

d) Theme evenings: Organising a theme evening can add a fun atmosphere and an original touch to your event. You can choose a theme based on the purpose of the event or the preferences of the participants. For example, it could be a colour or a theme that relates to or contrasts with the season, or a topical issue for the company or more generally.

e) Entertainment: Inviting an artist or a musical group to perform is always an interesting option for corporate evenings. But why not also call on a comedian? Your guests are guaranteed to laugh out loud!

f) Photobooth: Setting up a photobooth where guests can take photos of themselves with fun props can encourage interaction and the creation of memories.
You can find all these activities and more here