Indian event catering - Modern and responsible Caterer


An event caterer offering North and South Indian specialities for your next event in Paris and the Ile-de-France region!

Ideal for adding colour, taste and originality to your next seminar or corporate evening.

An Indian fusion caterer that gives Indian cuisine a new lease of life.

At Station Krishna, we're delighted to unveil our latest culinary adventure.

Building on our family heritage of over two decades in Indian cuisine, we are committed to going the extra mile to satisfy our customers' needs.

After satisfying appetites with our iconic Indian restaurant, we're embarking on an exciting new venture: corporate catering. It's our way of bringing the authenticity of Indian cuisine and creating unforgettable moments, wherever you are.

CSR Catering - Eco Responsible

Guided by a broader vision, we understand the importance of protecting our planet for future generations.

That's why we are firmly committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

We choose our ingredients carefully, favouring local suppliers and organic products wherever possible. Our commitment to quality translates into delicious and ethical food.

We implement waste management practices to minimise our environmental impact. Our packaging is designed to be ecologically responsible.

We firmly believe that delicious food and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive. With our new catering service, we strive to offer you an exceptional culinary experience while doing our bit for the planet.

Join us on a culinary journey that celebrates tradition, innovation and sustainability.

Event formats for which this caterer can be used: Company meals / Meal trays / Company parties / Seminars

Examples of dishes: All dishes are adaptable to vegan and vegetarian versions.

Savoury cocktails :

Vegetarian Samosa / Lamb Samosa / Badjis vegetables / Badjis chicken / Mini chicken tikka kebab / Mini Tikka Masala burger / Cultlet / Chaat chickpea verrine / Naan (plain, garlic or cheese) / Tikka tacos (chicken) / Prawn tacos (prawns)

Sweet dishes : Halwa glass / Gulab jamun / Mini shot of lassis / Coconut cream glass / Mango panna cotta glass

Several continental cocktails will also be available.

Meals :

Starters: Tandoori chicken / Chicken tikka / Tikka salad / Paneer tikka salad / Salmon tikka / Patties / Fried lentil fritters / Vegetable-filled fritters / Tuna and potato fritters / Rolls

Vegetarian dishes:

Palak paneer : Spinach curry & traditional cheese

Katerika Colombo : Fried aubergine curry with coconut milk and curry leaves

Dhal Masala : Lentil curry (moong lentils, coral lentils and chickpea lentils)

Dhal Palak : Lentil and spinach curry

Soya Kadala Colombo : Chickpea, soya and curry leaf curry

Baigan Bartha : Aubergine caviar, tomato and onion curry

Vegetable Biryani: Traditional rice dish with vegetables

Non-vegetarian dishes:

Butter Chicken: Chicken tikka curry, creamy sauce made with butter, almonds and cashew nuts

Tikka Masala (Chicken, Lamb or Salmon) : Curry with masala sauce and peppers

Chicken or Lamb Punjabi : Aubergine caviar curry made with chicken or lamb

Malabar : Special Krishna Station recipe, based on curry leaves (chicken or lamb)

Meen Pouli Colombo : South Indian fish curry with tamarind, aubergine and coconut milk

Meen Molee: Fish curry made with coconut milk and curry leaves

Biryani: Traditional rice dish with chicken, lamb or prawns

Side dishes:

Allo Masala: Potatoes sautéed with spices and curry leaves

Plain Basmati rice flavoured with spices

Plain Naan: Traditional bread baked in a tandoor oven

Garlic Naan : Traditional bread with garlic and coriander

Cheese Naan : Traditional bread with cheese


Gulab jamun : Traditional sweet pastry

Semolina cake : Traditional pastry made with semolina, saffron and dried fruit

Vanilla panna cotta with mango coulis

Fromage blanc with rose, pistachio slivers and dried rose petals


Sweet lassi: yoghurt-based drink (mango, rose, vanilla or plain)

Savoury lassi: Traditional savoury drink with chaat masala

Chai: Traditional tea made from milk, black tea & mixed spices

Exotic juices: Pineapple, mango, guava, lychee

Classic softs and waters.

The level of spiciness can be adapted to suit the palate of your guests.

Capacity: 200 people

Service area: 75, 77, 94, 93

The service includes: Dishes - Drinks - Glassware - Service

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