A walk through Chinatown's past - The history of Chinatown Group activity


What was this district of the 13th arrondissement like before the towers and the "Chinamen" that made it famous?

If you are interested in the history of a neighbourhood and old architecture, this original videoconference is for you!

Chinatown was not built on a large piece of wasteland, but in a neighbourhood where houses, buildings and shops already existed.

Would you have guessed that there are still traces of this past, despite the construction of the famous towers in the 1970s, which were largely filled with South-East Asian refugees fleeing their now communist countries?

In the past, this neighbourhood was rather popular, inhabited for a large part by workers. But not only that! Fortunately, not everything was razed to the ground to build the towers. Fortunately, there are still vestiges: Haussmann-style buildings, art deco, etc...

You can discover:

- the history of this district in the middle of the countryside from the 17th century until the construction of the towers in the 1970s,

- the differences between a Haussmann-style building and an art deco one, with many examples during the walk,

- the little story that joins the big one.

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