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What if you organised a sports team building for your employees? A Bootcamp in the middle of nature, anywhere in France.

A Bootcamp in the middle of nature, like a military training, to bring cohesion and energy to your group.

The Bootcamp is a sporting event that stands out from the crowd because a military training session awaits you.

Don't worry, we will offer you challenges according to your level. We will adapt to all profiles (even if this activity remains sporty and therefore quite physical).

What is a bootcamp?

Sport is an effective way to share a unique and friendly moment. Sport is the best choice of activity if you want to boost the well-being and cohesion of a group. The bootcamp was developed with this in mind. It is a military training in which you will use the urban or wilderness environment as a training ground.

During a bootcamp, nature will be your playground. More clearly, to give you a changing experience as you move through a park, a forest or a garden, all the elements around you can be subject to a sports exercise. For example, urban benches can be used for push-ups or dips.

A bootcamp is also an activity that will lead your group to develop cohesion, mutual aid and cooperation. Indeed, we have planned solo or group challenges as you move along. Put on a good pair of trainers, take a minimum of stuff, you are ready for a bootcamp.

The different activities during a bootcamp

You don't need to bring any equipment. It is the urban furniture, tree trunks, branches, low walls... that will be used for training purposes. Keep in mind the military training aspect of bootcamp. In this sense, the activities that will be proposed to you will be more focused on sports exercises. For example :

- pull-ups on branches

- steps on tree stumps or low walls

- push-ups and dips on urban benches

- a group trunk lift

- a hill run etc...

During a bootcamp, solo and group challenges alternate. An excellent mix of self-transcendence and group cohesion, speed, strength, cohesion, courage and mutual support are the main themes of a bootcamp.

A bootcamp: FOR WHOM?

Yes, a bootcamp is a more sportive activity compared to other usual activities. However, don't panic, this military training has been designed to suit everyone, regardless of your level of sport. Moreover, for a successful experience, our coach will be attentive to your requests. He will take them into account and adapt the workshops to the group's level of fitness.

A bootcamp is possible from 6 people. All the more reason to affirm that this activity is a relevant choice for a sports team-building, an EVG or an EVJF. The only contraindications are for people with musculoskeletal injuries, heart failure and women who are more than 3 months pregnant.

In the hands of an experienced instructor with a high-level background, you can do sport without any constraints.

Bootcamp: what you need to bring

Your group can come with a minimum of equipment. In the list, you can include :

- sportswear

- closed shoes

- a long-sleeved top if possible

- a change of clothes if necessary

- a bottle of water


Everywhere in France. In the mountains, in the countryside, but also in big cities like Paris, Lyon or Nice.

Or Montpellier, Strasbourg, Annecy, Royan, Toulon...

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