Bubble Game : Quiz/Challenge Back to childhood Group activity


It's back to school time! Enter your childhood classroom and complete all the challenges ordered by the schoolmaster!

At the location of your choice! The animation moves everywhere.

Sweets, giant dice, a rubik's cube, blowpipes, chalk and a blackboard... welcome to a school room!

Your host? A school teacher in a lab coat!

Bubble Game is an interactive entertainment that transports participants into the nostalgic world of a school classroom where anything is possible.

As a team, the students will have to do everything to move up to the next class and keep their grades up.

Under the authority of a friendly schoolmaster, the older children will have to take up atypical challenges such as shooting a blowpipe behind the teacher's back and working on subjects revisited in an unusual way...

Examples: the history of cartoons in chronology.

Recognising classroom smells from childhood.

Drawing competition on the blackboard.

Throwing paper balls into the wastebasket.

Chifoumi competition.

Candy and points are also part of the school programme in this bubbly entertainment that ends with the traditional class photo.

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