Catamaran building challenge - Aquatic Team Building Group activity


Team Building boat building followed by a relay race!

Anywhere in France. Around a lake or river, of course. In the Paris region and elsewhere!

As a team, build a boat... and don't sink!

For a seminar, a team-building day or an incentive,

The concept of your corporate activity

A team naval challenge!

Become the shipowners of the year: invent and build with your "TEAM" a real ship capable of challenging the competing "TEAMs" in extraordinary regattas.

Your goal?

To win the famous Louise Etonne's Cup!

For this unusual team-building activity, it's not so much a question of sailing your catamaran as building it yourself beforehand. Between a technical and creative challenge, you'll have to build your boat as a team so that 4 crew members can then take the start of a relay race on the water. A daring challenge for those who take the construction part a little too lightly... Beware of shipwrecks!

The catamaran-building team-building activity is an involving, fun and unifying challenge that will bring out the communication, organisation and skill-sharing abilities of your teams. It's an original activity that develops all the qualities of teamwork.

Where can you organise a Catamaran's cup team building activity?

The "Cata Cup" catamaran building team building activity is organised exclusively outdoors and in a location in the immediate vicinity of a stretch of water. Numerous watersports areas, lakes and ponds are ideal for this team-building activity.

Course of the activity

Welcome the participants

Setting up the teams

General briefing and handing over of specifications

Discover the equipment and launch the activity

Construction: brainstorming and team organisation, materials management, ship decoration

Regattas and team games

Presentation of the results

Capacity: 10 to 500 people

Duration: 02h30 to 03h30

Location: Anywhere in France. Outdoors. Essential: around a body of water.

Don't wait any longer... get in the water!

Why not do this activity during a day or week of your "R.S.E. Seminar"?

A morning of brainstorming on CSR, a mobility fresco, an indoor Escape Game... There are several possible formats for a themed day.

We also offer responsible caterers and venues with a link to ecology and CSR policy!

Our catalogue of CSR activities here!

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