Challenge Festif: 10 fun challenges in Mouffetard Group activity


10 challenges to take up in bars, restaurants and shops: from designing your own kebab to tasting insects, via an introduction to the accordion or a pétanque challenge, you'll have something for everyone!

Ideal to celebrate an EVG-EVJF, a birthday or any other festive event.

With a bottle of champagne to win! Be careful, no cheating, a referee will accompany you.

Festive course in Mouffetard - 2h to 3h depending on the number of participants

-giant Cocktail

-beer Pong

-make your own kebab

-eating insects

-express unpacking

- Human pyramid

-making a pancake

-musical blind test

Included : Animation with a guide-arbiter - 1 bottle of crémant - 1 half beer/pers. - 1 kebab/pers. - 1 cocktail /pers. - 1 crêpe/ 2pers. - Bonus challenges - Edible insects

Possibility to exchange some challenges with others that we can offer you.

Included services
  • Food service
  • Guided tour
  • Entry ticket
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Rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris

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