Ciné story: create your own film montage Group activity


The film is made in front of your eyes... a real technological advance!

Experience exclusivity with our Mashup Table!

Everyone will be able to keep their short film as a souvenir!

Create groups of 3 to 6 people and choose the best film. The team in question will walk the red carpet to receive the Best Director Award!

How does it work? It's simple, just put a "scene" card on our interactive table and it will be animated live on a screen!

You can choose several to create your own film! For the music and sound effects, it's the same thing, put the cards on the table and that's it! Add the dialogues thanks to the microphone, mix the music and integrate the sound effects.

Beware, laughter on the horizon!

it's your turn to play! Edit, dub and mix!

The equipment at your disposal: a microphone, a television, cards representing the scenes, music, sound effects, the mashup table.

Don't worry, our animator will be there to guide you! The installation takes only 20 minutes. The desired surface area is 10m².

You will be able to choose between different themes to adapt the animation to your evening!

On the programme:

Cartoon: Relive your childhood! #ambiancebonenfant

Ad culture: Remake the cult ads! #it's not enough to look like a green giant

Science fiction: Mix genres! #Harryagainstleshobbits

Star Wars : Play with the iconic scenes! #I'mBitter

Superheroes : Have fun with your favourite characters! #Jokercontrespiderman

Old movies: Revisit old movies! #coluchermeetsMarilyn

Horror and comedy : Ridicule your greatest fears! #cachezlesch'tis

How does it work?

Each team has to find a name for their scene and the title of their work! The animation lasts about 3 hours.

Choice from 500 scenes: Creation of the story board

development of a scenario

Creation of the video montage on the table

Mixing: Recording the dialogue, producing the music and adding sound effects

Put it down, compose it and it's in the box!

Watch the films and vote for the best team! They will win the Best Director Award!

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