Confidence Boosting Workshop Group activity


Workshop possible in your premises.

This moment of exchange and experimentation is an invitation to feel our self-confidence. To consider other ways of approaching this feeling, this state of being fundamental to our balance, to be ourselves and to allow ourselves to live our lives more simply and aligned. Let's dare to connect to ourselves, let's dare to deconstruct, let's dare to open up to our potential, let's dare to believe in what we have most precious: ourselves.


- To locate and feel self-confidence in the body

- To let go of the connection to the mind and place ourselves in the heart

- To step back, relativise and deconstruct

- Creating an inner environment conducive to self-confidence

- Centering, anchoring, opening up to oneself

- Open up to your self-confidence in a progressive, gentle and authentic way.

- Allow yourself to open up a field of possibilities!

This workshop creates a framework, a benevolent space to experiment, to move from the theory of self-confidence to its experience.

Thanks to a testimony and concrete anecdotes from Audrey, you can make the link with your own experience and retain what is good for you.

You are invited, if you feel like it, to :

- welcome your fears, your beliefs, your vulnerability.

- consider a change of mindset to move towards less pressure, more simplicity.

- dive into yourself!

Leave with more kindness towards yourself and simple tools to connect with yourself. Feel motivated to release old patterns that no longer serve you and, perhaps, you will discover answers already within you ;-)

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