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A coat of arms is a coloured emblem, specific to an individual, a family or any other form of community.

No, the use of coats of arms is not reserved to the nobility. All social categories had them. Individuals, associations, towns and regions still have them.

To create a coat of arms is to express a personal and essential message about oneself and one's relationship to others.

Through the use of symbols, the choice of a rallying cry and a motto, a company coat of arms defines its history, its present and its future, allowing each person to express his or her personality and place within the group.

Course of the workshop:

- Presentation of the purpose and interests of creating a coat of arms.

- Description of the 3 parts of the coat of arms: shield, external ornaments and motto accompanied by a rallying cry

- Definition of the mission of each sub-group of participants who will have to create one of the 3 parts of the coat of arms.

- Distribution of a "Chinese portrait" questionnaire allowing everyone to express their views on the history, current activity and future of the company.

- Choice of the elements of the coat of arms thanks to a set of heraldic cards

- Creation of the coat of arms

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