Creative workshop - Create your "Super Avatar Group activity


Team Building in the form of an unusual creative workshop in Paris and the Ile-de-France region.

Create your own avatar, while discovering the techniques of press illustration / comics.

You'll leave the workshop with your avatar in comic book format, and the feeling that you know your colleagues a lot better!

Deliverable for this workshop: an A5 drawing that each member of staff can frame, or a personalised team trombinoscope.

Description: 2 stages:

1. Identification of the team's personalities:

On the team's character strengths to be brought out (fairness, vitality, humour, humility, leadership, etc.).

+ option: Add your hobbies (sport/country/gastronomy)

Define the group's energy and personalities.

Everyone has a superpower, what's yours?

What are your passions? ...

2. Drawing & illustration techniques: Drawing

You will practise drawing "your portrait / significant features in comic mode" + illustrating your personality (example: Libra for Justice / Sun for Vitality etc...)

- Introduction to press illustration / comics

- Introduction to portrait techniques and training

3. To your pencils

Create your own avatar and illustrate your superpower!


2h or 3h

Capacity :

1 artist leader for 1 group of up to 20 people.

The number of people can be increased by adding more facilitators.

Expected results :

- Reveal personalities and talents

- Create a friendly atmosphere

- Get out of the box

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