Crime on the Nile - Giant Clue/Murder Party Group activity


An interactive investigation where you are the hero!

Observation of the crime scene, questioning of witnesses and suspects, clues about the suspects, forensic analysis.

It's up to you to investigate in teams and ask the right questions, cross-check information...

Discover the culprit, his motive and his modus operandi during an investigation.

Themes: Art, Cruise, Business

era: 1930s

Genre: Crime

Mode of investigation: Sedentary

Crime scene: In the dressing room of the ship's theatre

Duration: Adjustable duration from 1h30 to 2h00

Margaret Fleming is an English opera singer. She has a porcelain complexion, a powerful, delicate and sensual voice, elegance, in short, a diva that people come to listen to from afar. She divides her time between the great capitals of the world.

Sadly, on this sad Saturday 20 June 1936, she was found murdered in the dressing room of the cruise ship Prince of The Nile, just as she was about to go on stage for her recital.

Who could have had it in for a woman so beloved by all?

Was it a crime of passion?


10 to 200 participants

Characters played by actors or participants.

Clues on the internet or on paper

Lightweight installation - Anywhere in France!

Can be done by video

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