Cuisines du monde workshop in Paris Group activity


Original team buildings around world cuisine workshops led by chefs from all over the world!

During a world cuisine workshop, the chef-animators will take you on a journey of the taste buds and the senses...
the cheapest plane ticket from Paris!

The aim is to allow participants to discover each other in a different way, around a scenario that encourages exchange between participants, with challenges and anecdotes to share.

A moment of escape for a team activity? There are many destinations available throughout the year! Fly to Reunion Island, Brazil, Peru, Algeria, Indonesia, Senegal or Thailand... We take care of everything to create a turnkey event, adapted to your teams!

And since it's not just about cooking, we'll give you the opportunity to discover a culture through the exchanges that take place (quizzes, anecdotes, stories, tales...). The richness of the cultures explored is the perfect opportunity to discover an alphabet, an artist, legends... !

Many formats are possible: culinary challenge, aperitif, cocktail, short or long workshop, pastry, from 8 to 200 participants!

Included ?
and equipment
Loan of aprons
Tasting and dishes
Optional: Embroidered aprons (fabric from the Vosges, handmade Made In France), recipe cards, photo report, aperitif, soft or alcoholic drinks

Included services
  • Food service
  • Entry ticket
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74 rue Philippe de Girard, 75018

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Plus que de simples cours de cuisine, de véritables escales culinaires à travers le monde !

Sénégal, Pérou, Indonésie, Réunion, Brésil, Maroc, Kabylie, Cote d'ivoire... il y en a pour tous les goûts !

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