Dodgeball in VR - E-Sport Animation Group activity


The first "e-sport" activity that moves to your premises.

In "Discovery" or "Tournament" mode, 2 teams of 3 players compete against each other like in a game of Street Fighter!

The first team game in augmented reality where two teams compete in a game of new generation Dodgeball.

Equipped with an augmented reality headset and a connected bracelet, teams of 1 to 3 players compete by throwing energy balls.

The objective is to hit as many opponents as possible while avoiding being hit yourself.

Throw, reload, protect yourself behind your shield and set up a strategy to win the tournament...

An arena of 10 x 6 meters.

Equipment: Augmented Reality helmet and a connected bracelet.

Game time: 80 seconds. This allows for rotation and exciting tournaments.

Broadcasting of the "fight" on a big screen.

Average duration of the animation: 02H00

Number of participants 20 people and more.

Capacity: 6 people every 5 minutes

On the location of your choice.

2 animators.

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