Escape Game : immersion in a secret society Group activity


A giant escape game on the Ile Saint-Louis. Up to 9 teams of 4 to 6 players can compete on the same puzzles, in the same space at the same time!

You read that right, up to 54 players simultaneously on the same escape game!

Reflection, mathematical logic, brainstorming and mutual aid are required for this escape game.

This game takes place in an old and very beautiful Parisian cellar.

The scenario revolves around an initiation rite for a Secret Society.

The game is played in teams, all spread around several tables.

Riddles are scattered around the room.

You have to get up from time to time to look at the walls, in the neighbouring rooms... but the game is mostly played sitting in front of your brain!

Between competition and reflection, you and your teammates will have a maximum of 90 minutes to try to penetrate the secrets of a mysterious secret society.

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9 quai de bourbon 75001 Paris

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Game Escape

Un escape game géant sur Paris, sur l'île Saint-Louis. Dans cet escape game, jusqu'à neuf équipes de 4 à 6 joueurs peuvent s'affronter sur les même énigmes, dans le même espace au même moment ! Vous avez bien lu, jusqu'à 54 joueurs en simultané sur le même escape game!

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