Escape Game through the Passages Couverts Group activity


A Team Building, sheltered under the Passages Couverts!

On the trail of Vidocq, through 19th century Paris.

Discover the covered passages of Paris through a real Vidocq investigation!

It's 1825, a man bathed in blood is crawling under the arches of the Palais-Royal, you run over, ready to collect his last words... 'itaaa'.... too late!

Who is he? What is he doing? Who killed him and why? That's what you have to find out! You are the last recruits of the Vidocq gang. Will you be the first to catch the murderer and prove yourself to the boss?

The start: The participants meet and the teams are formed

- The host presents the game, the rules and the plot of the day

- Each team receives a logbook with all the details and questions of the game

- Teams take part in a starting test

The route: The teams walk through the streets of a neighbourhood, answering questions, finding hidden messages, etc. Each team is autonomous during the course, and has a telephone number in case of need.

The finish: The teams finish the game and hand in their answers.

The facilitator gives the answers and explains the plot of the game.

The scores are announced and the first 3 teams are rewarded.

Average duration of the activity: 2h to 2h30

Up to 150 people.

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