Fort Boyard in the workplace Group activity


An evening/day out of the ordinary during your company seminar?

Take part in a Fort Boyard between colleagues! All over France!

Will you be able to foil the traps of the Fort and take possession of the boyars? Here is an ideal concept to realize a real evening of challenges in the atmosphere of the show.

Course of action: The participants arrive and randomly draw a tag (or a personalised Fort Boyard badge as an option). This badge assigns them to a team.

But beware: the team will only take its true value at the very end.

At first, the players remain independent. They also receive a dozen (plastic) gold coins.

The participants are provided with a real Fort Boyard atmosphere with several backdrops (giant canvases) that will make their effect.

On each event, we provide an explanatory roll up with the atmosphere of the series. Of course, our referees will be dressed.

The players will be able to move around as they please, going to the events of their choice.

On some events, there are referees who will win new boyars, on others, the players will play on the principle of betting against players from other teams.

The games are set up everywhere and partly take up the Fort Boyard atmosphere (impossible to push as far as the game!).

- an archery stand (foam tip),

- a blowpipe stand,

- 2 stands of 5 challenges like for the time masters,

- a "Father Fouras" quiz game,

- a puzzle game,

- giant wooden games....

All the orchestration is done by the main host who will welcome, explain, relaunch, while respecting the principle of the evening (or day).

At the desired time, the main host will really take the lead to get the teams together and pool their winnings.

These winnings will then be weighed in turn to determine the winning team.

The winning team will then take centre stage in the treasure room.

They will receive 5 keys that will allow them to open the sealed cartridges. Each cartridge contains a word, and all these words have one thing in common.

A timer is started when the keys are handed over. As soon as they think they have found the word, the players position themselves on the wooden letters on the floor. If the word is right, the boyars will fall from the treasure, and the players have 3 minutes to get as many boyars as possible into a dedicated receptacle. If the minimum quota is reached, the final chest opens and offers bottles of champagne to the winners.

This solution really captures the very atmosphere of the game, perfectly suited to the evening.

Services provided:

- Dedicated decoration around the TV game universe!

- Games and entertainment

- animation team

- Gold coin (plastic) and glass container

- Sound and light

- Chest with champagne bottles

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