Gastroludiques events - Games and challenges at the table Group activity


A fun, gastronomic team-building game based on wacky props!

Let your company discover this "Gastro-ludic" game! In Paris and all over France!

Stand out from the crowd with an innovative activity that's ideal for breaking the ice or strengthening team spirit.

Our team tasting games will leave you with unforgettable memories, and our unusual accessories will give you a confusing, gourmet and hilarious experience!

6 challenges + creation of a cocktail/person in pairs with "The giant apron and mask game".

Concept: This hectic team-building activity will encourage you to push your limits!

Answer questions on the theme of the pleasures of the mouth and complete lightning challenges using our unusual accessories.

Adrenalin, solidarity and laughter are on the agenda for this activity!

Skill, coordination and communication will be needed to meet the gourmet challenges and win.

equipped with our hole boards or extra-long glass holders, let yourself be surprised by our amazing tasting games.

How it works: Divided into teams, participants try to collect points by answering quizzes on the theme of gastronomy (culture, audio, video).

They then compete in 1 minute-long games of skill.

These challenges are based on our unusual tableware items: participants have to use logic, skill and patience to earn as many points as possible and win.

At the end of the game, a prize is awarded to the best team.

Examples of games : These are just some of the twenty or so possible games. We will suggest 6 challenges in a 2nd phase.

GIANT TABLE AND MASK: Equipped with a giant apron, eat as a team. One of you can't use your hands. The other is blindfolded.

CURVED FORKS: Feed your team-mate sitting opposite you with the extra-long forks.

HOLE BOARD: With your wrists linked by a hole board, work together to finish your plates and be the most efficient team.

LINKED Mittens: Slide your hands into the linked mittens. Slide the ribbon around your neck to use your hands one after the other.

EXTENSION GLASS HOLDER: Give your team-mate opposite you a drink using the extra-long glass holder.

PAIR OF DICES: Eat with extraordinary cutlery and find the technique for drinking with Siamese glasses.

CROSS SPOON: Take it in turns to feed your neighbours using the giant cross-shaped communal cutlery.

Don't wait any longer, treat your colleagues to the most unusual gastronomic Team Building in France!


Duration: 02H00

Location: place of your choice. Anywhere in France. And even abroad.

Capacity: from 10 to 700 people

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