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Give your colleagues the surprise of taking part in a real company "Intercities"! In Lyon and the surrounding area.

Defend your colours and lead your team to victory!

Remember Intercities on TV a few years ago, the show with Guy Lux! We've decided to take a few ideas from the game and give it a new format that everyone can enjoy! A new edition of the great popular and cult entertainment of the summer for the pleasure of the game and the eyes! As for the final game, it will now involve all 2 teams right up to the last minute, so anything goes!

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Before the event, two teams of 10 players are formed (example). Each team represents and bears the name of a town or village.the aim is to win as many events as possible to make your town the winner, under the watchful eye and informed comments of a team of entertainers and the interville Lyon presenter.

What type of decor for an inter-city event?

A central arena for the audience to play around.

We'll set up a 40 m diameter arena in the centre of your venue for the games to take place, marked out with posts and signalling tape, or with bales of hay or straw for a more natural feel if the events take place outdoors. Then we set up chairs around the arena to seat the public, who will have to cheer on each team in a festive, good-natured atmosphere.

What venue for your big inter-city games near Lyon?

We can offer you a number of venues on the outskirts of Lyon.

Alternatively, Intercities can be held in a huge exotic setting covering 1200m² with an outdoor swimming pool at L'Ile Enchantée in Vénissieux near the Parc de Parilly on the edge of the ring road. It's the ideal place to relax on a company day out (site hire costs extra!)

The different events :

Event 1: THE RIDING COURSE (mower and obstacle course) (30 minutes)

At the start, 6 people will go into the mower, 2 will guide and 2 will be blind. The winning team gets 5 points.

Each participant (1/team) starts in the mower. At the start, they have to dodge the mower without touching it (it must make 2 complete turns). If the participant manages not to be hit by the arm of the reaper, he or she will be allowed to leave the structure and run as fast as possible to clap the hand of his or her blindfolded partner. The rest we'll explain on the spot...

This is a speed relay event, with each participant taking the place of his or her team-mate once the task has been completed (only the guides stay put).

The first team to line up its 4 tokens in a row wins the game.

Event 2 : QUIZ (bonus event) (10 minutes)

1 participant from each team must answer 2 questions each. 5 points if they have the answer directly or 3 points if they answer with the host's suggestions

The quiz gives the teams a chance to take a breather and allows us to prepare for the next games and mark the scores on the board.

Event 3: QUIZ IF YOU CAN! (20 minutes)

2 people/teams on the bungee jump and 8 people running on the wind-slide. 5 points to the winning team.

2 people from each team start at the bungee jump with a sponge in their hand. At the "top", they have to run to the end of the structure to give the sponge to their partners.

Once they have the sponge in their hand, the partners run into the ventriglide at the end of the pool, dip the sponge, get back up, run the length of the pool and then take the sponge.once they have the sponge in their hand, the partners run into the ventriglide at the end of the pool, dip the sponge, get up and run with the wet sponge to the table where there is a transparent container corresponding to their colour. Once in front of it, they have to wring out their sponge in the container and quickly return to the starting point (towards the bungee jump) to give the sponge back to a team-mate who is in turn in the bungee jump.

The first team to reach the line with the water and fill its container as quickly as possible wins.

Event 4 : NO FISHING (timed event) (20 minutes)

Each team will designate a participant who will put on the Cow costume (one yellow cow and one red cow) and take up position at the other end of the arena in their "pen".

2 participants from the 2 teams start in the reaper, with a fishing rod in their hand. At the start, they have to dodge the reaper for 1 full turn, then get out of the reaper and run at full speed into an arena with a pool of ducks in the centre. The duck must then enter the "fishing zone", marked out by cones, without being touched by the opposing cow, where he becomes untouchable.

Once one of the participants has retrieved a duck from one of the 2 pools using his fishing rod, he must return across the arena without being touched by the cow and deposit the duck in his bucket (keeping the duck at the end of his rod without dropping it).

The team with the most ducks wins the game.

Event 5 : SUMOS ( 20 minutes)

Men's and women's competition in the form of a mini-tournament.

The technical team will set up the sumo mats and outfits at the bungee jumping area just in front of the stage during the quiz before the cow game.

Event 6: QUIZ (bonus event) (10minutes)

Another quiz session to take a breather.

Event 7: CHAMPIONS WALL ( 15minutes)

The 2 teams choose 3 "champion" representatives. When the host gives the go-ahead, each team completes the wall of champions in a relay event.

End of the game: points count and prizes for the winners

Other possible events: a complementary list of folkloric events that are sure to get you down and in a good mood. Each event lasts between 2 and 5 minutes, depending on the number of players, with plenty of time for improvisation.

  • Wall of Champions.
  • Hustle and bustle at the pool - the cow is here.
  • Hunt for objects lying around, watch out for the 2 cows.
  • Giant birthday cake. A giant strawberry cake with whipped cream is placed in the centre of the arena. Each player must collect as many pieces of fruit as possible and place them on the large tiered cake. Don't forget to light a candle each time.
  • Tug of war.
  • Gladiator jousting on an inflatable.
  • Race with buckets of water (only suitable if the event takes place on open grass).
  • Fly catching. Jump and scrape on an inflatable wall.
  • Human table football.
  • Sack races.
  • Bungee shooting. Two players are held by the waist with a rubber band inside the corridor of a giant inflatable structure. Who will have the most punch and spring to run and land the Velcro mark as far away as possible?
  • Stilt walk.
  • Fairground mallet. Each team will test its strength with a plastic mallet, trying to get the hammer gauge as high as possible on a graduated scale.

Giant obstacle course on an inflatable. In this event, participants will have to show their agility by overcoming all the obstacles. They'll have to climb, crawl, pass under a tunnel, climb, jump an obstacle, slide...

  • The Wild West rodeo. The aim is to stay on the rampaging mechanical bull for as long as possible, holding on to the rope.
  • Mascots and tyre races. Each player in each team is dressed in a giant plush mascot costume. They must cover a distance by rolling a car tyre, then pass the tyre on to their next team-mate, and so on.
  • Coffee boy or girl.
  • Splach Machine. A warned player must position himself under a basketball hoop filled with water. If the ball hits the centre of the target, the player sitting under the basket will be sprayed with water.

The entertainers

Our numerous artists and staff will host this great party with

2 speakers: to introduce and liven up the show.

1 group of cheerleaders: for the opening parade, between certain events and for the final.

Sound and lighting technicians...

1 Round Girl to keep score.

2 Games coach hosts, plan on 1 per team (per town, village or neighbourhood)

Capacity :

From 20 people minimum to 300 people or more.

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